Grilsha Stellos

Loyal sister to a rogue agent


Grishala Stellos is a beautiful red-headed half-elf woman in her late 20s. She’s made a comfortable living as a high end clothing maker, catering to nobility and wealthy merchants of all stripes. Grishala is a magewright and incorporates a variety of low level spells into her clothes designs, largely focused on illusions, but occasionally using evocation spells like continual flame for truly extraordinary requests.

Grishala averts the fiery-redhead stereotype, as she’s always been a quiet and demure person who has been happy to stay in the shadow of her brother’s more forceful personality. She’s always relied heavily on her brother, even after establishing herself as a successful craftsman. Her brother has managed her finances, cared for her health, and even vets her romantic interests. Only when creating her clothes designs does she show much sign of independence.

Grilsha Stellos

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