Bree Nolkrin NPCs

Bran Nolkrin-Brother-Conflicted-Older but shorter, same wild hair grown out and braided, training as a magic user, fan of bows. Bran was separated from Bree when her dragonmark developed, and by the time she was allowed to return to him he’d been taught that she was unnatural and someone to be shunned. Their relationship is strained at best, with Bran striving to fit in to the House, going to extremes to seem “normal”.

Xendrotha-Blood of Vol Contact Bree sought out many Blood of Vol followers in her quest to join their ranks, but most laughed her off or ignored her. Xendrotha is a refined, high class dark femme fatale type, who recognized the wild darkness in Bree’s chaotic personality. She took Bree in and taught her osteomancy, allowing her to control full-sized opponents and keep most from daring to joke about her size. Xendrotha can be haughty or stuck up at times, cruel at her worst, but nobody doubts her confidence or her ability.

Vaaliat-Lantern’s contact- Observant, wanders Breland “people watching”. Vaaliat looks for traits beneficial to the Lanterns, and will note them in the tome he always carries with him. As he makes his rounds, staying a few hours at this inn or a few at this marketplace, he’ll keep a tally. Repeated showings of these traits lead to contact, which can lead to recruiting. He’s a very methodical retired spy, using his keen intuition to help the Lanterns even in his “calm” retirement.

Vena-Aberrant marked half-elf innkeeper, Vena invited Bree to stay with her after seeing her on the streets for a few weeks, Bree cleans tables sometimes. Vena gives her tasks suited to her unique talents, which is how Vaaliat originally picked up on Bree being a possible Lantern recruit. Vena is kind but sarcastic, with a quick wit honed by years of obnoxious tavern goers and drunken adventurers.

Alberi-Druid from rescue in Last War-Battle scar across his left eye, has a bear as a companion, tends to only return to House Medani to restock or if his talents are needed. No dragonmark, bit of a recluse. Cold and off-putting to those he doesn’t know, Alberi warms up very quickly to those who show respect to nature and himself. Always one to have space around his campfire, Alberi is the person you hope to run into when wandering through a forest at night.

Bree Nolkrin NPCs

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