February 8, 2017

We go to Ir’Vallin’s office for the first time. Strange kind of academic feel: a lot of magic. We feel a spell envelope us

Brings us over to a map, covering the window. Heavy magic area. Difficult to scry and clairvoyance was only a little more helpful. She pulls out a globe and shows that there is something in the area is actively blocking the spells. Helped to pinpoint where they might be. Along the coast.

We have access to an unofficial airship that is officially somewhere in dragoon. Air elemental attached to the rings so silent and invisible during the night.
Featherfall to get out of airship and on ground without detection

Ready to go this evening. Equipment will be on airship. We need to be there at dusk. Will get us to Yarkuun Draal a few hours after midnight when human guards will be at worst, though there will be construct/warforged. Warforged are to be considered living creatures for captures. Other constructs can be destroyed as necessary. Name of ship is Excelsior. Code phrase as boarding:

Jemma goes to the docks to see if Caleb is back. No response
De has a conversation with his assistant about increasing sales and taking care of the shop. De suggests he brings pets out to parties and gets laid. This disgusts the assistant and De threatens slide shows.
Lucan is sleeping. Cord is going to hang out.

Bigger guard presence at the airship docks. We are checked several times on the way in and are stopped at the vessel. Speak the code phrase and are allowed to enter. They wish us luck as we board. Captain introduces herself. Ship will not be involved without fight. She hands you a small metal container with a lens. Focus and speak code word to communicate with ship if need to.
Red: retreat
Green: safe to approach
Yellow: something wrong but not abandoned

Strike. We introduce ourselves to him

Cramped room where we are all sleeping together. Bunkbeds. Other soldiers are veterans and professional
Airship will be 15 min to the north and will await signal

We jump out and feather fall cloaks stop us inches from the ground. There should be a lot more plant/animal life but everything seems stunted

Jemma shifts into a bat. Scout form. Jemma flies ahead in bat form. She is used to using sighted animals. With my advanced hearing, though, its easy to see which way to head. 500 yards to nw. hear footsteps from something large. Quite large. Fly in that direction and see fortress difficult to tell over footfalls what else is there. They even block the air/feeling. There is definitely something humanoid and large. Other things making footsteps in various lightness. Sound of steel scraping against steel. Very light, mentally share this with De who passes it to the rest. Sounds like they are just walking around. Not heading in a particular direction. Some are definitely outside. Fortress is a roughly square thing with outer walls and inner courtyard with tall building in center. Used to be 3 floors but only 1st floor entirely intact. Rest of keep is single floor above-ground, Gate to the west. We are approaching from the southwest. Something big in courtyard but didn’t see a lot. There were 4 distinct groups: one big thing and three sets of other things. Separated. Hear a couple of things in courtyard. Two moving in and around the walls both outside and inside. Cannot hear anything inside. Walls 9-10 feet tall. Not wide enough to walk on, not serious reinforcement.

Group decides to quietly approach to find place of intrusion. Walls are very bad shape and might easily come down. De suspects a trap and looks might be deceiving. Can cause a ruckus/distraction, which is what we are designated to do. He gets a feeling that this will end badly so we get back to sneaking. Cracks in walls that we can get through. 4 areas that we can get through. West wall, south wall, northeast corner, north wall towards the west. West wall opening is small, northeast: farthest from door. Jemma tries to discern pattern to tell the guys when to come through the walls but she cannot discern the pattern.

Wraith tries to find a path for the less stealthy comrades. He has special armor that maybe can change so he is tries to get his armor to match the patrols. There is no talking or noises coming from the fortress. He can’t get too close: too many rocks. Trying to creep over rocks but it’s hard to get through them without knocking them into each other. He stops and hears a noise, like someone walking over the same rocks he is. Sees an iron or metal dog that pops its head out of the North entrance. Sees an armored person or war forged behind the dog, but its looking around. The symbol in its forehead is glowing. It starts moving towards Wraith.

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February 8, 2017

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