June 1, 2016

Cord goes to check on Winsome
Jemma gets ready for her date
Wraith goes with Cord. They sneak. They see no sign of being followed.

De heads to his shop to check on things and grabs a notebook. Instructs assistant to keep shop open till approx. 7pm. Goes to University district to University of Sharn. Lucan follows. De is looking up when the Spy has been active with him and the historical activities of House Cannith. He also wants to review House Cannith in relation to the borders of the Mournlands after the Day of Mourning.

Originally House Cannith was based in Cyre and had many establishments there, so De decides to focus on the relation between House Cannith and the Mournland.

Cord and Wraith want to check up on how Winsome is doing with the intact device.
They are making some progress and have a hypothesis. Winsome asks if Cord would like to help. Most definitely.

Intact device in special holding container, safe from outside influence and attempts to determine location through magic. Building does same for other items they are looking at, though they cannot completely shield. If someone knows they are here, they can find them. That is why he appreciates Wraith and the Wands being there. He asks the Wands to introduce themselves.
Elder Elf: Name is Tahaal Audark.
Short Human Male is Vessgar Treath

Cord gets involved while Wraith scopes out the action and those around. They are working with the broken devices, taking samples and analysis. Cord acts like assistant. Set up circle to more detailed examination of dragon shard.

One Wand is helping while other is strolling around and “guarding.”

Jemma arrives at the restaurant around 8:00. He has cleaned up nicely. He is not a young pup but is definitely distinguished. Jemma asks him where he would like to go. He knows a place down a couple of levels. They serve food from Valinar. We head that way. Discuss our days. Jemma has tried her hand at serving: couple of places while she was waiting for Caleb to get commerce and a couple of places in Sharn. Usually bartending. Still in Middle city but still blue collar. Less Posh and more homey. Into Cassan Bridge. Lively restaurant with balcony overlooking tower. They have gone to a significant attempt to make it feel like Valinar. Tall elf welcomes us and leads us to back of restaurant. Balcony is full but we are close enough to look out doors. Asks about wine. Brings menus: parchment. Slim pickings. 7-8 entrees without options. Jemma asks Aigan to order as he is familiar with the menu. He orders spiced lamb with rice, mixed vegetables, a sweet crisp wine and water.

It’s a project I am working on with a friend. He did not give me a lot of details on the project. His knowledge is more rumor filled and half fact. He has made acquaintances with some people who may have more information. He would not bet his life, or reputation, on it. But he would suggest I talk to the people. Some are not up on current events but have been studying what happened. We are focused on recent events and recent things going on.

Jemma asks him what the Cyre border was like before: bloody. Cyrians were getting desperate. Every one of their attacks/counterattacks was fierce/bloody, it was a terrifying experience. He valued the support of everyone there. They were all heroes. They were content to hold the border where they stood. Troops were needed more to the North and South: Audair and Darguun. He has heard that everything in Cyre passed the mists has not changed at all. Everyone is frozen: locked in combat. Corpses sit warm and unrotting. He has friends who never came back from that. He has heard that time is frozen and at some point time will snap back and resume. He has heard that they are in a magical plane of existence that came to exist and nothing will change as the plane isn’t real. Jemma asks about people/things still active there. He doesn’t know about anyone living there or groups passing through. Numerous groups looting and pillaging. Nothing about anyone living there. Some people might be making up some things they have state they saw there even if they got cold feet and never actually went in.

Most far-fetched rumor he has heard: group of war forged who seem to be trying to build their own god. They are trying to make a god to represent the war forged. He has heard tell of some of their seekers coming into Sharn to find people who can help make their god: mostly war forged and artificers. Definitely avoiding House Cannith as they want all war forged to be owned by them. They have heard that they are offering jobs and/or kidnapping them. At the same time that these seekers were in town some well know artificers have fallen off the map.

He has heard that there is a mountain turned entirely into glass. There is another place that is a lake of lava or something. Another lake turned red and is as warm as blood.

Has heard of elf tribes in Zendrick that ride scorpions into battle. Deranged giant tribes living in ruins.

He asks what Jemma does for a living: professional student. I have studied all over but this is my favorite. He has heard from students that have attended Sharn and it sounds kinda stuffy/boring.

He wrote down a lists of acquaintances that might be helpful. Warning: professors at Morgrave sometimes need a little more “incentive” to share information. One of these guys has some definite ideas about where women belong. Professor Coref Drosin. He works in the acquisitions department and has collected some "artifacts“ from the Mournland. He hands Jemma a list of four individuals. The other are less difficult to deal with.

Juliona Bartell came over from Sharn U because they wouldn’t let her do the kinds of hands on work she wanted to do.
Erix Nelview is a stuffy, historical sort.
Fraedus Hintram knows a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect him to know, He’s “eccentric.”

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June 1, 2016

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