June 22, 2016

Wraith is watching what is going on and who is walking past the University activities. Noting if people are walking past a lot or seem suspicious. Acting as guard. He also goes around town to hear hat is to be heard regarding the goings on with House Cannith and the Towers. He uses several disguises to fit into different areas of the populace to get varying levels of info.

While researching in the lower wards Wraith met with little success, most of the people that he met where too scared or worried to offer any useful information. The people would not talk where they thought they might be overheard, nor would they speak with people that they did not know well.

Lucan is headed to dagger watch, he is getting back in touch with the Swords, looking for info about what happened around the tower. He is also using this opportunity to check in with the wands about his vampirism and see what he can learn about that condition.

Charleen Soldorak the Dwarf is his current contact that is a Lantern with the cover of being a Wand, there is a rumor that the dumpir is sweet on the Dwarf. Something that Lucan has not tried to stem. This is a periodic check up, 3-4 days, this is something routine for them at this point, Charleen tries to make this less difficult. She is warming up to Lucan and is talking with him as friends. This time, however, she is a little bit more business. The people in Wroat are now requiring the reviews to be every other day now, and an agent from Wroat will be coming to analyze him personally.

Charleen is not happy to be having this kind of oversight either. She works through the physical examination. After the examination Charleen give him a warning and a pocket watch, the pocket watch will be able to track him magically, it will be able to be a focus for a scrying spell.

They started talking shop a little, but the respective pledges to silence meant that it was a short conversation. The conversation about how to recover the memories was equally as short, there are theories, but most of these are still fledging thoughts.

Middle wards: get a little more coming in. People are more invested because they are in the same tier as those in the apartments. Worry and concerns since there has been no info. A lot of rumors about what has happened, what has been done and when it could happen again, Adventurers looking around for what they can profit. A lot contradicts fact: like numbers of dead. A few things come up consistently re who: there were people who should have been there and weren’t. There were more than a few Kalashtar that live there but were not there when it happened. None of them have come back.

Upper wards: they haven’t heard a lot about this. They aren’t sure where/what but they know a lot of people died. Some people who probably should know about it don’t and there are some people who should be attending these events aren’t. House Cannith dragon marked members are not showing. Hear rumors they are working on something important. Hear more about their unofficial split. Many attribute the lack of attendances on that. Also notice an increase in House Medoni attendance. They seem to be fishing for information as well. They don’t seem to know as much as the Lanterns do,

At soiree in one of the highest towers: on way out accosted by a beggar Asks for money for a veteran. Hasn’t eaten in a few days. Looks/smells like a veteran bum but he has a strong grip. Wraith is dressed as fashionable. Hands him a few gold coins for a good meal, a place to stay and a drink. The Bum thanks him, crying, and hugs him. He whispers “They are following you.” Wraith does not react. Waves goodbye and cleans himself off. Walks to a more populated area with glass windows to see if he can get a reflection of followers. It’s late and the area is not open/populated. Wraith tries to find a place where he can lose a hypothetical tail and change faces. He ducks into an empty cul de sac and changes into a fresh persona. He sees no one he knows walk past. He goes back to the University, changing one more time into the King’s Shield they will recognize at the University. The University district is more populated so he has a harder time finding a place to change. He finds a private place.

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June 22, 2016

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