November 16, 2016

Yarkuun Draal used to be a hobgoblin city part of the hobgoblin empire hundreds of years ago. It’s a ruin now but people value it as an architectural site. Some hobgoblin tribe from Dragoon see it as a holy site. Guarded by Brelish army as a result of the hobgoblin traffic trying to get in. Its an important posting to keep the hobgoblins away but not really. About two days travel. This is where we suspect they are making the devices.

Cord shares his information about Daen with the group. He thinks he can get info form her without revealing too much by playing on her superiority complex. Cord heads out to do that and get food for Radyph.

Lucan and De go to meet Ir’Vallin. She meets them at the tavern. She is not happy to be waking up. They share that they found one of the kalishtar and all of his dead friends. De shares that the anger and grisly scene was intense. Shares location. They let her know that they left the bodies with the city watch guarding. She will be using some of the wands and swords to be able to get this ball rolling on that portion of the investigation. We have also informed her of the shifter Hazel and her sudden money and her departure from the city so suddenly. This seems to be a mark that we would want to get if the opportunity presents itself. The information about her roommate in the Highwall area will be explored as a means to and ends as well as the possibility.

De speaks with Radyph about the Kalashtar and the Shifter, he thinks that the shifter will have a file in House Medani, we are hoping to get a name that might be able to get us access to that file. It is a long shot that might net us nothing, but it is still a shot at finding out who she was dealing and meeting with in the days leading up to the attack on the tower. He seems to think that the people that attacked him may have been familiar.
Lucan notices Radyph waking up around 3-4 AM making pain noises. De bandages him up as they catch up.

Wraith heads into report to the boss and reports to Alistar. He provides Wraith with food and Wraith updates him on the situation. Wraith asks for a trip to the armory. Alistair lets him know that the armory is still working itself out but we are welcome to properly check out and log what has been cataloged. He will make it available later today.

Back to safe house. Everyone up and eating and whining about the food.

Cord goes to talk to Daen. He does a bad job of it but finally get her to talk.

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November 16, 2016

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