November 30, 3016

Lucan headed to City Watch to check in. He asks Lucan a few questions to confirm that he is still under control. Meets his new controller: Ellisar
Evening. We have joined ir’Villene in our restaurant and we have been taken to the back rooms where Alister and ir’Villene are waiting. Order up, have a drink, could be a long meeting. ir’Villene lights a candle with glyphs on it: should keep conversation as private as possible.

Yarkuun Draal is a great place for clandestine operations. Not a lot of traffic and heavily covered by magic: difficult to scry. Not much information and we cannot do a lot of investigation as that might tip them off. Hire an airship to fly in. Night assault. We will be leading edge of attack but we will be backed up by troops, approx. 15 soldiers. Once we have found the facility and determined that it is what we think it is and have neutralized specific effects. We will be in charge of the assault. Capture as many as we can. Couple of days until the soldiers get here and the ship is prepared. Alistair will be with you all, ir’Villene will not be available. Rest, visit armory. Prepare for night assault. Some items will be made available to us the night of the assault.

We visit the Armory and take what we want for the mission.

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November 30, 3016

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