April 20, 2016

It’s morning. We all receive a message to our abode by courier from House Sivis. As soon as we get the message head to a tavern called the Glittering Goblin to meet our new handler as ir’Villene has pressing matters. The Glittering Goblin is owned and operated by the city watch and is frequently by the Watch and their families. Found in the Clifftop District in the upper city in the adventurer’s quarter.

Cord and Wraith take Winsome to the University. He agrees to a shadow following him to keep him safe. Everyone else heads to the tavern. Lucan arrives first followed by De and Jemma. Considerably later Wraith and Cord show up. Pretty nice place. Clean and organized while not fancy. Not too many people around; It’s mid-morning and the tavern is open.

Lead to a table in the back not in plain view from the street. There is an elf waiting there for us. On his lapels he has a small golden lantern and a small golden sword. “Order whatever you like. It’s on the Citadel.” We follow suit. No alcohol.

My name is Alister Hetrion and I am your new handler. Lady ir’Villene is up to her mitts. He has heard from her what is going on. He would like to hear it from us. We may have met him once or twice at formal gatherings and around the Wands.

I try to mentally send a message to De to check this guy out. I get a fuzzy head and don’t think the message feels right. De also feels fuzzy headed and cannot get anything. De levels a look at Alister and states that he is getting tired of not being able to use his abilities. Alister apologizes and explains that the situation is too sensitive and he needs to block things. He is known for being completely upstanding and a Knight in Shining Armor type.

Jemma asked him for some proof as ir’Villene has stated not to trust anyone. He hands over a missive from ir’Villene with her seal that says the bearer is to be treated and trusted as if he were ir’Villene. If this is a forgery, it’s a damn good forgery. It seems to be exactly as it should be.

As a sign of faith he tells us what Lady ir’Villene has done. She has transferred the corpses to the morgue to examine. Someone tried to break into one of the morgues that the bodies were transferred to last night. Might not be related but might be. She has arranged for the five of us to be present when a wizard casts “speak the dead” on the victims later today. The armory has been opened up to us if we need anything. The selection is stunted in light of what Lucan has done.

De talks about “The Spy” and shares that he has visited. Alestair asks if the visit has anything to do with what is going on. Wouldn’t be surprised but he doesn’t think what happened at the tower is his aim. He is not that crude and, when he does something, you don’t learn about it until he is gone. They are treating as a separate event for now.

Have you seen the devices? The intact one brought back? Yes. We have a broken one and an intact one. We have not had a chance to research. In total four have been found. Wands are still in the process of investigating. They have taken one apart to review parts. One has been sealed and left intact in case of need. Doesn’t look like it can be activated.

Wraith states that, using a contact who is an artificer, they have found that the device could be used to interact with other planes. Whether it can tap the energies of the plane or summon beings from it. Need working sample to determine more. Contact is at the University and is currently researching.
Jemma pulls out the device and hands it over. Alestair grabs it and hides it under the table.

Wraith describes his friend and provides his name. Alestair wants to meet him and talk to him in person before he can release the item to him.
Wraith shares what we have heard about House Cannith when Alestair talks about sending the artifact to them to review. Wratih shares that it might be a faction in the House causing the trouble. Alestair doesn’t yet believe that House Cannith could be that heavily involved and expects more proof before he will back this theory.

Alestair has been to the site. De shares his nocturnal visit, about how the thing he saw in his dream was humanoid and it noticed him. There was an energy on the site that had a feeling like the Mournland. He understands that one of the Wands tried to pull the creature into the material world and was not able to. The Wand had stated the space felt hollow like something had been removed. The Mournland feel might connect it to House Cannith considering how many observatories they had in that area. Alestair will find the Wand that was present to get his report. The Watch has been tasked to determine who was in the tower to provide is a list of people to look into. Anyone who wasn’t there that should have might be suspect. He will be staying upstairs and just ask at the bar for him. He wants daily reports.

Lucan asks for a moment in private. He nods and gestures for the rest of us to head off. Lucan greets him and states that he was not aware that Alestair was a Lantern. He states that he has heard Lucan has been through some things and is to be trusted. Lucan calls him on that distrust. Lucan asks for specific, trustworthy people be assigned the task of researching. People who the group will feel comfortable with. Specifically Imrodel Charan, elf bard and wand. Alestair will do what he can.

Cord and Wraith go to take Alestair to meet Winsome. De heads to Morgrave University to see what can be heard about the Mourning. Lucan and Jemma go with.

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April 20, 2016

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