April 22nd 2015

Fight on the Road to Trolanport

The party caught up to the coach that we had been following for the past 10 days. We managed to sneak up on Grilsha, the sounds of her horse and carriage drowning out any noise we were making. Until Jemmabeth decided to try to slow down the horses by firing arrows at them. Not only did this have no effect on slowing down the horses, it made Grilsha aware of the party’s presence. Xuan-de attempted to rectify the situation by telepathically speaking to Grilsha, informing her we were there to do no harm and only wanted to talk to her brother. This did not alleviate her concern. It resulted in several unusually behaving wolves and bat swarms approaching to attack the party.

Wratih did get near enough to the carriage to not only hear Grilsha call out to Lucan that there was trouble; he managed to jump onto the carriage and sit besides Grilsha on the driver’s seat, receiving a slashing from inside the carriage for his trouble.

Jemma distracted the horses once by using her racial power to produce a sound in front to them that spooked the horses while Cord and Bree fought off the animals that were called to Grilsha’s defense.

Xuan-de attempted to mentally contact whoever was in the carriage but was unable to do so. He later described that it was nothing like he had ever experienced before; like two minds overlapped. He was not able to get a fix on either mind in order to make contact.

Wraith was eventually pushed off the carriage and, though they valiantly attempted to slow down the coach (almost killing one horse in the process), the party was not able to stop them. As the sun set, the coach pulled away and is lost int he darkness. The animals quickly disperse after the battle is ended. The party finds the coach and horses abandoned further up the road. Jemma quickly patched the horse she had almost killed and the party continues onward to Trolanport, their quarry lost for the moment.

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April 22nd 2015

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