April 27 2016

April 27, 2016
Jemma and De go to Morgrave University which is the better part of town. We are looking for Students. We go to a coffee shop where students would hang out between classes and after. De is dressed in well-cut but plain clothes. Obviously not poor but not ostentatious or gaudy. Jemma is dressed in a simple sundress with sweater. She is dressed as a student, per her usual. De orders a black coffee and Jemma orders a latte with their specialty coffee. De asks the barrista if she knows anyone studying the Mournland. She is not sure off hand. Why? De claims recent business ventures in the area. The University is doing a lot of research on the area. De asks if someone has gone on expedition recently. She will have to think about it. Anything else? Jemma gets a chocolate éclair: small but coated in chocolate from Aundair. She does remember someone…there was a little bragging from someone named Airben or Urban (Aundarish) Carsh or Arch. Graduate student at Morgrave. On a few different expeditions to Xen’drik and Droaam. She heard him talking about visiting the Mournland. Comes in fairly often in the morning. She does not know where he lives or stays. He goes to Morgrave. Usually comes in before 10 in the morning. De asks her to deliver a message to him to come to the exotic pet show in the RedStone. She asks for and will receive a sizeable tip. De gives her a gold piece.

They try another Café closer to the library. There is a food establishment near the library. We will also hit the library after. Jemma checks the eatery and De goes into the library.

They are setting a silent guard on Winsome. They have gone back to see him and were able to find him through cunning approach of going back to were they left him. They have found that Winsome has met with some of the bigwigs at the University of Sharn. They attempt to not interrupt the meeting and wait for him. They were stopped by the receptionist who was making sure that the area stays off limits to civilians. Lucan pulls his shield card out and gets through the security that is the receptionist, a little charisma manages to save the day and let our plucky ducks through the door. They manage to find Winsome in the restricted ‘employee’s only’ section of the grounds. They are directed to Professor Pater ir’Kemble, head high poo-bah of the artificer college. They are given the room number and directions and go to meet the pair of scholars.

They present the device to the two big brains and get the head high poo-bah annoyed at them for ignoring him. None the less they are invited in and they join the conversation. There is talk of secrecy and cloaks and daggers. They have breached the subject of movie rights and publishing rights, nothing was determined.

Security was also discussed, the wands, swords, and the lanterns are all getting a line in on this matter. We will have the resources of the University to pull from as well, everyone is all in. After throwing his friend to the dogs, our changeling friend tries to get back in the good graces of the wee man.

The fifth degree ensues, maybe it’s an interview… all seems to go well because no clothes or limbs were removed and things generally got accomplished of the ‘hey I just met you and my bud is crazy, but here’s a device. So experiment maybe?’

We do get access for Winsome. The Wands are appointed to mad scientist duty. They discuss how they can get messages to our new handler.
Winsome is a smart cookie who knows what’s up, but they vouch for the vamp. They get moving and start getting set up for a series of all-nighters. There is more talk of things that are enormous and that destroy things. Winsome shows some ego and begrudgingly gives credit to the skills of others. We are getting the Idea that House Cannith is up to no good, though they may not be up to bad either come to it.

Library: De asks Jemma to get him something to eat. She teases him about paying for his food. He flips her two gold and goes on towards the library. The Library takes up several layers of a tall tower. It feels part library/part museum/part hawker’s bizarre. There are as many artifacts and random crap as well as books/scrolls. He looks for someone responsible for removing things from the library. Everyone is kinda running around and not paying attention, other than a couple of security guards. There is no reception desk. Out of the chaos De’s counter intel experience has taught him to see patterns. He traces the pattern to the center point and finds the person who seems to be in charge. Elderly half elf (maybe) looks very haphazard. Looks like he has been out in the field: a little uncomfortable being here. De walks up to him and says hello. Introduces himself as a self-employed proprietor. I own a shop in Redstone. Wants to know if he is aware of any individuals that have been in and around the Mournland recently. Interesting request. Why would you like to know? Personal interest: possible business venture. What sort of business venture? Not a lot if business in the area. Specialty is exotic animals. While there is no business in the Mournland, around them is an interesting area. Offers to take him back to his office to discuss what is actually going on. De invites him to take a walk instead of sitting in the office. He agrees and suggests a park nearby.

Jemma is in a dinky little eatery with seats for 8-9 people, there are no tables: more like a bar. There are tables outside. Rather busy however. She walks up to the bar, wedging her way inside, forcing her way through people. There are people cooking behind the counter. She smiles and nods at the cooks and asks how to order. Their eyes go wide when they see her. Tiefling comes up and leans over the counter. What’s the special? Chicken sammich. No fries. If you pay up front, we will get the order out to you in 10 minutes. Orders two. He looks middle aged, a little gray around the edges. So what is a fine looking man doing in a place like this? He laughs and says he is not that young. She flirts with him. He asks what she is doing in a place like this. A research project. Are you a student? Of the world, but I might have an acceptance letter for Morgrave around somewhere. What kind of research project? The Mournland and the Day of Mourning. I have a theory I am working on fleshing out. He says there is a lot of interesting research, and interesting objects, coming out of the Mournland. He recounts that he was lucky to leave the fighting just before the Day of Mourning as he was fighting in a nearby Cyre. He may know people who have been doing some more interesting research; however, he cannot talk right now. Come by after they close and he will see what he can remember. He hands Jemma two chicken sammiches wrapped in wax paper. She agrees, but only if he will go out to dinner with her that night. He agrees. He introduces himself as Aigan. She introduces herself as well.

Back to Library manager, who doesn’t believe that De is telling him the truth. He wants more out of him. De confesses there is a business venture of his that may have to do with the Mournland, but it is something that he would like to keep “less than public.” Librarian calls him out on it: there are other people than do exotic animals, why come to him. De shares that he probably doesn’t want to know. At the moment, De is working with and against very dangerous people and he doesn’t like innocents to get involved. The librarian has been doing dangerous things his whole life. The librarian doesn’t care about his secrets. He wants to know what De wants and how it will bite him in the ass. De wants to know if anything dangerous is brewing in the Mournland. He hasn’t been in the last 2-3 years. He knows some people who have. He may know some news but it will cost you. Might not be money. Might be adventure, exotic animals or something: owe him a favor. De counters that he will offer a favor equal in value to the information. The librarian decides he likes De’s attitude, he sounds like a younger version of himself, but warns De off his daughters.

He knows House Cannith has been trying to get some of their stuff out and sending people inside to get stuff out. A lot of people have some sort of interest. Breland, Droaam and anyone with a border has people scouting to see what, if anything, is coming out. Some of it is related to a war-forged called the Lord of Blades. Fought during the war. Heard that he wants to carve out a part of the world for the war-forged. He has also been assigned more sinister motives. He has been gathering war-forged under his banner.

He has heard of another group, merely rumors with no one having actually seen it, of a group called the Church of The Becoming God. They are trying to find a way to make their own god. Are they related to The Blood of Vol? Not as far as he knows. Doesn’t seem connected. There is a lot of stuff going on in the Mournland. Adventures being hired out by the dozen, and many not returning. De thanks him for the information. De asks if he knows the exotic petshop in RedStone. He remembers the place. De tells him to come to the shop for his favor, and don’t be surprised to see De around again. He introduces himself as Stend Aggan and suggests that, if he needs anything, ask around Morgrave for Professor Aggan.

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April 27 2016

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