April 5, 2017

Recap: NE entrance of fort. Warforged and Iron Defender were walking towards him so Jemma attacked to distract. Bell like noise everyone can hear but Jemma. The others retreated.

Sneaked into a side room using dark skull and wand of silence. Jemma turned into a hawk. Jemma thought to De that we should try to find and focus on the large construct to keep it away from the rest of the team.

Attack the constructs. De gets an attack first. He hits a warforged and mind touching it is intensely unpleasant and yet familiar: same as when they found the murdered guy but much more intense. Related though not exactly the same.

Lucan also attacks an iron defender and deals some damage. Drinks some energy and it feels burning. Similar to the black sword.

Warforged disappear to the south. Hear them moving but cannot see them. De tries to disengage but fails. Feels a psychic weirdness that makes him nauseous. Attacks warforged. De suggests we concentrate single enemies at a time.

Wraith attacks and hits the warforged. Jemma attacks, misses but still kills the warforged. Basically tripped it and it brained itself. Gula flickers and bursts out in a ball of light. All close by take psychic damage.

Cord grabs a section of the downed warforged to make a murder sphere which he sends towards the iron defender. Serrated blades at def 3 and hits once. De attacks, misses but still kills Iron defender.

Jemma uses owlbear to crit and kill Iron Defender. She rears up in a rage and smashes him down to the ground.
Cord crits another warforged with his murder spheres. Feels scream of pain and rage. Close team members take damage. Jemma misses the iron defender but Lucan attacks the warforged. Cord kills warforged. He turns around and attacks the iron defender with a metallic whip and misses.

De goes adventuring and finds something big. Relays info to all. Walking back and forth. Protected by fence. Can’t get past pillars but fence is only 4’ tall and rotting.

Jemma moves towards the large construct. Lucan moves down the other hall towards the construct. He finds a lot of doors, but one set that is newer than the rest and definitely not originals.

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April 5, 2017

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