April 8th 2015

We are each disturbed during breakfast by the arrival of a messenger from House Sivis with a sealed envelope; sealed in such a way as to prevent the integrity of the information inside. We quickly dispose of the formalities of opening the specially sealed letters and review the coded messages, telling us to go to a meeting place we have frequented several times for “top secret” assignations. We each quickly dispense with out current tasks and head toward the Ivory Tower.

In the tower garden we met with our “boss” Meliana ir’Villene (female ) who invites us to a bountiful breakfast as she produces a picture of a man called Lucan Stellos. Lucan is a member of the King’s Swords and is a specialist in counter-intelligence whose job it was to seek out threats before they would become a problem. Lucan is a highly skilled, proactive operative whose gifts have led him to stumble on our operations on a few occasions. This led him to become an unofficial liaison between the Kings Swords and our organization. Lucan had been missing for two (2) weeks, presumably on a mission, until he was seen at a special storage facility we co-op that specializes in magical items. He broke in, killed several people, forced another to open the vault and stole several items from the vault. He has seemingly gone rogue. Operatives were dispatched to locate his sister in order to find him, but a woman matching her description was seen leaving Sharn. Its assumed they’ve both fled. They are assumed to be going Trolanport in Zilargo to meet a contact named Krell. He is wanted captured alive, and if possible the items recovered.

It was remarked that the attack on the warehouse was outside of Lucan’s normal style and the attacker seemed to have strength beyond Lucan’s normal capabilities. No one could tell if there was magic or other items involved. The survivors, however, definitively identified Lucan.

Missing items:

Item #1 – A ring of unknown origin, taken from a small time smuggler caught passing diplomatic messages to Thrane. Faint magical aura, but no specific powers discovered. Possibly a charged magic item depleted. Silver band with three rubies. Estimated worth, assuming no additional magical abilities, is approximately 175 gold pieces.

Item #2 – Glove of Storing. Taken from a known assassin caught infiltrating Morgrave University for unknown reasons. Identified and due to be sent to Dark Lantern armory for agent use before being stolen.

Item #3 – Broadsword, taken from a Karranthi saboteur in the last few months of the Last War. No sheath. Broadsword is normal steel, blackened with lampblack for stealthy night use. Large ruby and silver claws on the pommel. Strong, but unidentified, magical aura. Due for further testing.

Item #4 – Silver necklace. Taken from man attempting to impersonate a House Cannith scion at a diplomatic function in the Skyway. Faint aura of magic. Experiments suggest the necklace was the focus of an illusion spell and is not magical in and of itself. Poor quality silver and shoddy workmanship. Estimated value is less than 1 gold piece. Due to be auctioned off through secondary channels.

Item #5 – A red rose and stem approximately 5 inches in length, apparently imbued with magic to keep it from wilting or fading. No toxins detected in the petals or on the thorns. Why did we even have this thing?

Item #6 – Sheaf of forged traveling papers. Confiscated from a known forger connected to as yet unknown parties. Collected in leather papercase. Forgeries are of high quality and possibly of use to field agents. Assessment of feasibility of this use incomplete before being stolen.

Item #7 – Well worn leatherbound book by the title of “The Adventures of Elurin Redblossom vol 3: Against the Giants”. Not a unique tome in and of itself. Suspected to be a key part of a message cipher used by a sophisticated Aundair-based thieves guild, but no headway has been made in breaking this cipher. Expected to be, but not proven to be, unimportant. Arugments back and forth whether this specific copy was important has been ongoing for years.

The Kings Citadel is on confusion. No one is sure who Lucan has turned or what might have lead him to these actions. The Citadel have been over the site with a fine-tooth comb, have searched his premises and have interrogated his colleagues and few friends but have gained no insight. There has been very little information in regards to his backgrounds. He has even gone as far as to destroy his latest mission notes.

It is presumed that Lucan escaped with his sister; a woman matching her description was seen leaving the area where she lives driving a four-horse carriage. The carriage windows/drapes were all sealed shut; however, her red hair is quite distinct so it is easy to assume that Lucan’s sister was the driver. He and his sister were very close. She was a successful clothes designer but relied on him to manager her affairs.

We are to go to the Green Haven Stables to obtain our mounts. When we get to Trolanport we are to stay at an inn called “The Bloody Badger”.

We decided to have two of Lucan’s cohorts meet us at the stable so Xuan-de could interrogate them. Before we went to the stables, however, we went to the scene of the break in to see if Cord could tell if any artificer items were used to help Lucan with his crime. He was not able to detect much; however, Bree and Wraith used their abilities to look around as well. There was no further evidence to be found: the Citadel did a thorough job. It appears Lucan was able to find his item fairly quickly as only three crates were opened. We did note that between his disappearance (off the grid) 2 weeks ago, and the break-in he had signed into a logbook. It is possible he was confirming the whereabouts if the items he needed. However, the guards who were on duty when he signed the log book were killed in the raid on the storehouse last night.

Xuan-de’s Interviews with Lucan’s cohorts gave no real leads. Xuan-de was able to determine some character traits of Lucan’s so we can positively identify him and/or determine how radically changed his behavior has become.

We hit the trail, not quite catching up to Lucan until dusk on the evening of the 10th day. We stopped as we went to attempt to trade out our horses. Unfortunately, Lucan (or his sister) had the same idea and there were rarely fresh horses to be found. We did confirm that the carriage with the red-headed female driver was ahead of us the entire time.

We caught up with the carriage with the red-headed female drive rat dusk on the 10th day, just outside of Trolanport.

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