August 21 2015

We decide to take the lightning rail to go north after Lucan and to look into vampire activities and changes going on up north. Person comes in with a piece of parchment. Neck bitten, bleeding. Staring into nothing.
Jemma calls De to come take a look and grabs the silver arrowhead and try to staunch the bleeding. Pretty sure it’s fatal. Lie him down.

The note says, “I have done something unspeakable, but for the moment my mind is my own. I must end this. Meet me at Eastpoint to the northwest. Tomorrow sundown and we will end this.”
De pokes the mind of the note carrier: his mind is gone.
Several people come up the steps. And we cover the dead man
One of the people we ran into today Kicks open door. He has been crying: very upset. Accuses us of killing her.


De creeps out a guy, using his homophobia against him to the point where he trips over the bannister, falls and breaks his neck.
Jemma turns into wolverine (fizgig) and gnaws on one of the attackers. De uses her and launches her at the dude. She uses the fury of her anger and people being manipulated by the aurum and these people being manipulated to fuel her attack and unleashes her claws into his face, ripping it from his ears out.
Eddie sliced a nipple off and the guy was lactating blood.
Wraith Ties up unconscious dude. Wraith and Bree stayed behind.
We are all chasing one guy who got away.

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August 21 2015

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