August 24, 2016

We go upstairs. He is again drunk and has his arm around Wraith. Wraith is currently male. He is being very friendly. Jemma is still in Lizard form and Cord is following. He is glad we are finally here. He is tired of pretending to be drunk. He asks if there are only the two of us. Wraith opens a window and calls for Jemma. Jemma sits on the window sill and transforms. Jemma hops in and they close the window so they can talk. He does not want to talk here but will talk at the safe house. In the Middle Wards in Little Barrington. Wraith lets him know. He is eager to leave.

We pretend to have sex to distract any watchers. We add spilled wine and messed ourselves up and head downstairs. Wraith watches for a tail as he leads. Wraith changes his face and falls behind with Cord takes the lead. We blend in to the shadows well and don’t notice any tails or anyone ahead that is looking at us in any special way. We get to elevators fairly easily and ride up without incident. Wraith notices a tail and lets us know. Only looks like one person. Following since elevator but don’t think they were on elevator. We stop for Wraith to “take a piss” and see if the tail stops. Tail walks right past without even looking at us.

Wraith manifests his blade and throws it at the tail. He kills him and there is a response (gasps and screams) from the people around. Wraith cants to Cord and Jemma to take the witness nad he will make his escape and change face. He runs off. We try to react normally and back away. People are looking at us like we are associated. He takes off and runs. We follow heading West.

As we run across the skybridge, a group of armed people step out and surround us. We outflanked the flankers?

Meanwhile, Lucan and De:

We are looking around in Wroann’s gate, we have tried to find some of the people for which we would normally do work. We were able to make contact with Brantby Soryn, this is a person that Lucan knows by reputation. Apparently they had a larger fair during the war, providing transport for the wounded and supplies to and fro. Brantby does have an office in the area and we head there.

Upon arrival we are greeted by a human man in his mid-fifties that, he appears to be willing to help and is accommodating, though he has not seen her in a while. He remembers Hazel as being “a bit of a risk” but thought her a good person so he kept her on despite being a bit belligerent. She was known to him as a fair hand with the animals and strong as a guard. He remembers a bar that she would frequent called the “Blue Medusa” which is located in Wroann’s gate. We are warned against her prowess with a blade and her tenacity in a fight. As they have had no recent business together he does not know where she might be at the moment.

We head to the Blue Medusa, we find it to be a slightly less of a dump than we have seen in the past. We take a table and we buy a round for the house and are able to get some information out of a dwarves female of attractive build who is a server at the tavern. Hazel was last seen a couple of days ago and was headed up to the Eldeen Reaches, not a normal trip for her, but she apparently wanted to get out of town. This trip is expected to take three weeks or more. It was commented that she had a large pay-day just a few day previous, talking about making her fortune. Hazel barely took the time to swill the beer and lift the skirt before she was gone again to the reaches.

The payday did come in after the attack on the towers, she also seemed to be a good deal more generous than was her standard. She was bragging about how the money came from a Kannath man that had the job for her. We have little more information on this transaction as few questions were asked about the details. She definitely did not want to share the source of the money with the other patrons, seemed to almost be worried about the information becoming common knowledge. Hazels prowess as a fighter and eagerness to a fight are reinforced by this dwarf woman.

The Dwarf woman does not remember if there was any other significant. we were informed that she has another place over in highballs, she seems to have a room mate that kept tenant with her. Hazel was not known to have a significant other, she would have the occasional fling but nothing serious. Davandi used to supply the food for this establishment, but they no longer serve food so he only occasionally visits as a patron and has not been around for several weeks. Devandi is a married man but had a relationship with Hazel, but this is generally not discussed due to the aforementioned nuptials.

We have decided to visit Highwall in effort to find this place that Hazel had, and maybe her roommate as well.

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August 24, 2016

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