Calendar and Holidays

The Eberron calendar is similar, but not identical, to our own. There are 12 months, each with 4 weeks that are made up of 7 days. There used to be 13 months, but the moon associated with that month vanished and only the oldest of calendars and organizations still reference that month.

The days of the week are Sul (Sunday), Mol (Monday), Zol (Tuesday), Wir (Wednesday), Zor (Thursday), Far (Friday), and Sar (Saturday).

The months of the year (and their rough real equivilant) are Zarantyr (January), Olarune (Feb), Therendor (Mar), Eyre (April), Dravago (May), Nymm (June), Lharvion (July), Barrakas (Aug), Rhaan (Sept), Sypheros (Oct), Aryth (Nov), and Vult (Dec)

The lost 13th month was called Crya – The Blood of Vol still recognises this month as they still use the oldest active calendar used on Eberron, the Qabalrin Wheel, which was developed when there was still a 13th moon in the sky.

Here are a collection of holidays (holy, secular, or otherwise) that are observed on Eberron.

  • Crystalfall (9 Olarune) – To celebrate the fallen Glass Tower sculptors carve ice towers and throw them into the Dagger River. Only celebrated in Sharn.
  • The Day of Mourning (20 Olarune) – This marks The Day of Mourning, when Cyre was destroyed. People observe in many ways.
  • Sun’s Blessing (15 Therendor) – A holy day devoted to Dol Arrah of the Sovereign Host
  • Aureon’s Crown (26 Dravago) – A holy day devoted to Aureon of the Sovereign Host
  • Brightblade (12 Nymm) – A holy day devoted to Dol Dorn of the Sovereign Host
  • The Race of Eight Winds (23 Lharvion) – Contestants fly all around Sharn in attempt to win the race and prestige. Only celebrated in Sharn (natch)
  • The Hunt (4 Barrakas) – A holy day devoted to Balinor of the Sovereign Host
  • Fathen’s Fall (25 Barrakas) – A holy day devoted to the Silver Flame
  • Boldrei’s Feast (9 Rhaan) – Originally a holy day devoted to Boldrei of the Sovereign Host, it’s expanded to be a popular secular holiday as well.
  • Wildnight (18-19 Sypheros) – At sunset on Wildnight, worshipers and the nonfaithful alike give vent to their passions, in a raucous festival dedicated to the Fury.
  • Thronehold (11 Aryth) – A day to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold.
  • Long Shadows (26-28 Vult) – A three day holy festival to honor The Shadow
  • Revelations Day (13 Crya) – A Blood of Vol holy day that moves every year due to being a part of the “missing” month.
  • The Tain Gala (First Far of each month) – A Sharn event for the wealthy and the Dragonmarked

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Calendar and Holidays

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