Cyre, as it was, is no more. During its heyday, Cyre was a land of plenty, with lush farmlands, thriving cities, traditions of art, and elegant styles. It was the primary crossroads of the Kingdom of Galifar and was a melting pot of art and culture that shone as bright as any of the other Five Nations. Cyre was the home of both House Cannith and House Phiarlan, which drove the high standards of art, entertainment, craftsmanship and innovation that the nation was known for.

Cyre was twice the victim of the Last War. King Jarot’s daughter Mishann should have, by all rights and traditions, assumed the throne, but she was prevented from doing so by her ambitious siblings. For a hundred years, Cyrans viewed the Last War as a personal affront, a war against them as a nation. Losing both Cyre and Queen Dannel to the Mourning was a doubly heavy blow, and survivors still harbor grudges against all the other Five Nations. As the primary battleground of much of the Last War, however, it was dying by inches even before the Day of Mourning. Its outlying settlements were all but razed, and its cities were filled with the hopeless, the homeless, and the destitute.

There are survivors who try to carry on the name and traditions of Cyre. These refugees are most common in the town of New Cyre in Breland, but there are refugees all across Khorvaire. Some are attempting to make a new home and life for themselves, others are trying to undo the Day of Mourning and reclaim the Mournland.

For information on the area that used to be Cyre, see the Mournland

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