December 16, 2015

Pearl and De meet with Sam to discuss info.

Jemma: sent medicine to the Orcs and waiting to see if its working. I have samples (blood, tissue) on ice. Caleb: what do you think? I think this wizard Mordaine needs to be looked at a little more closely. Caleb has heard about him. He used to be on the up and up until he was expelled (not killed). Why was he expelled and not killed, based on what he is doing here. Caleb has some friends in Aundair. He’ll ask around. He’ll pick up a job in Sharn which will take him to Aundair. While he is there, will he look into the rumors that the Ashbound are causing trouble with the farmers and ranchers in Aundair and how the Aundarians are feeling about it? Caleb will kill two birds with one stone and ask around Arcanix. They will know about the Ashbound and Mordaine. Will take the long way home to Sharn. Will send something. If I don’t hear from him in eight weeks, come looking for him, but not before. Stop in the Marches to pick up some cargo. Check with Orc to see if there is any improvement and head out.

Wraith sent message to House Cannith. Living day to day life while waiting for them. He has been laying low as his sister for a while. He runs into Tygon Black (Sharn Watcher) while waiting. He is in lust with Wraith’s sister persona. He asks what She is doing, mailing a letter. Yes, mailing a letter for her brother. And how is he doing as Tygon has not seen him on awhile. Taking time off, maybe fishing or something, Tygon asks if she would like an escort to where she is going. Wraith turns him down, we will not be going out tonight. Tygon insists he did not mean spend the evening together but escort, keep away the riffraff. Wraith teases him and heads off towards the market. Tygon follows and interacts in conversation. Has she heard? Oh, no, a lady like you would not be bothered. Wraith laughs and says she is not a lady. Tygon asks if she knows about the warehouse last month that was broken into with a lot of violence. Wraith teases him about the details. How did you know? What? I was teasing. They chat as She shops, discussing his relief that the guard was not called to track down the murderer, even though it is their job and eventually she dismisses him.

Pearl & De went to tackle a sinister factor of the Order of the Emerald Claw who has taken up necromancy. Split in an effort to look for more info. De will check things in the upper levels while Pearl will check with her lower level contacts.

Cord met with his instructor the Baron, and found out that one of his co-students may be working with House Cannith as well. He is trying to find out what is going on with her. The mentor arranged it their finals came up so they would meet. Cord saw this as a competition so he is holed up in his lab working on his final project and not in the loop.

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December 16, 2015

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