December 30, 2015

We have been doing our own things for about two weeks. Jemma is back in town with a crew share of Caleb’s spoils. Wraith has not heard from his mentor yet. Not worried, but unusual.

Cord has been working on final project: Octopus-looking metal object that he wants to make float and use gears to hold things, push buttons, etc. basically an automaton. Has shell and pieces that move but does not have anything to make it move or float. Thinking about a teeny elemental. Would need dragon shard with its elemental: needs a Khyber dragon shard. Not the rarest but not the cheapest either. He would need to go down below, to Khyber. He was going to use his school contacts and Zilargo contacts to determine where to get this shard. He reaches out to someone in The Fellowship who is in Sharn. He reaches out to Derrick who he has gone to archaeology digs with. He introduced Cord to the Fellowship. Find him in a University workshop. Does work at the University though he does not go to school or work there. He is working on some clockwork thing in his workshop. Cord asks him what he is working on. At the moment its nothing, a pile of junk. He asks about the Khyber shard. Big shipment came in a few days ago and its already gone, someone has been buying up every Khyber shard they can find, some even stolen. House Cannith is looking for shards as well. Cord asks what they could be using it for, House Cannith needs shards all the time, but not usually Khyber shards and not that many at once. Maybe a downturn in the market and people are buying for future use, Cord will see if he has a contact in House Cannith. Cord goes back to his Mentor, Baron to talk about the Shards.

De goes to visit his mentor in the sightless eye. Very connected: many friends in the city. De heads to the upper city and sends him a mental message. Meet somewhere near the University district or the Copper Arch. Gets message with location of café in upper city. Heads to café in central plateau: platinum heights. De enters and mentions his mentor’s name and is brought to an isolated table. Mentor arrives approx. 30 min later. De shares info about the Order of the Emerald Claw Necromancers. De asks if he has heard anything. Authorities not doing anything about it. De wonders of they have someone in the upper echelons. Mentor mentions The Aurum. Knows little about them. Might be interested in extending their influence over the Order of the Emerald Claw, not working with but influencing. Maybe once De knows more he can be more help. Mentions merchant by name of Tulun. Discuss group meeting next week.

Jemma goes back to her digs at the university to reach out to her friends and the rest of the team to find out what is going on. Go to De’s shop and leave a note for him. Then go to visit Daisy in the University district to her dorm room to talk to her. Daisy stumbles around and answers the door. Jemma hugs her and ask what’s been going on. May I come in? Yes. What’s going on: She has been busy with school this last term. She has not had a chance to get out. Anyone new or interesting or exciting in her classes? Working with other people on projects and things but no time for friends and relaxing. Focused on review and exams and such. Might take a term off to breath. Invite her out for coffee. Let’s go now! Go by Denius to see if there are any Gnome shops open. Gnome district influenced by Zilargo (called little Zilargo). There are people writing, reading books, chatting with friends/family. Nice worn, comfy chairs.

She came looking for me when she had time to visit. What have you been up to? Went on an exciting adventure for work. Learned all about an elemental and on an airship and how a larger airship works. There were some cute crewman and we had a fun time, then I went up to The Eldeen Reaches with Caleb and spent some time with Rose. They discuss Daisy needing a break. Maybe she should take an airship up to the Reaches to visit Rose. Jemma shares that she has a friend with an airship, Caleb, and maybe she can work something out so that Daisy can get a ride with him. She may have to do a little work to earn her passage. Daisy is ok with that. They discuss what Daisy has been studying, along them arcane theory. Jemma asks if they discuss history with theory (yes) and if she has heard of a wizard called Mordaine. Sounds familiar but not sure, why? Jemma recalls that he was kicked out for doing some weird experiments. Daisy asks if she means the Fleshweaver. He was part of the 12 but started looking into forbidden magic and doing experiments, kidnapping children and such. They caught him and tried to kill him but could not. They tried to imprison him and he escaped. This was somewhere around 300 years ago. The 12, and arcane professors, do not talk about him or his experiments for fear students will take up the same research. Anyone asking questions about him is killed. Jemma realizes this puts Caleb in danger and rushed the end of coffee, promising to meet for lunch tomorrow, to rush off and warn him. He is intrigued and has contacts outside of the 12 so thinks he will be safe but Jemma convinces him to not ask questions about Mordaine without her along to watch his back. His will still go into Aundair and ask about the Ashbound.

Wraith got his message and starts to track people down. Looks for De in his shop. De eats a little on his friends tab and goes back to the shop. He arrives after Jemma has left and gets her message. Tries to get things together, to prepare for what is coming his way based on the conversations he has had. Wraith arrives. Wraith comes in as Shield diplomat. Small talk but cants that they have been summoned. two hours to meet. Slides letter showing where. Have you seen Jemma and Cord. De shares Jemma’s message that she will be in her rooms. Look for the biggest explosion to find Cord. Wraith leaves to find Jemma, De calls out why don’t you go to get Cord and I’ll round up Jemma. Wraith starts looking for Cord at his personal apartments and then the University. Cord is heading home after trying to meet Baron and meets Wraith. Shares message: we have been summoned. Wraith says see ya later and leaves. Cord goes about hiding his project. Wraith goes to a tea house and reads the paper.

De goes to find Jemma in the University district. He knocks mentally on my head. She mentally pushes back, just enough to give him a small headache and opens the door, they greet each other and discuss events. De shares that he has heard there is a sect of the Order of the Emerald Claw playing with Necromancy and mentions The Aurum. Jemma sobers up and shares she is familiar with them. She is not surprised they think they can handle the EC. They likely can. They have the ruthlessness and the funding. They head to the meeting place.
Residential tower in Rattlestone. Area cordoned off my city watch. Members of Kings Citadel, a lot of Wands, ir’Villene looking around. Tiredly motions for us to come over. Exhausted. Dressed in Wands uniform. Come over and go inside, got something strange, Called Wands in this morning. 1st floor is ok, but 2nd is slippery. Look at stairs: blood waterfall with small pool at foot of stairs.

Last night, around 10 pm, residents asleep. Haven’t determined what happened. Divination and scrying magic revealed every sleeping person woke up, left apartments and began to viciously attack every other person they “Saw.” Everyone was asleep and tore each other to pieces. Made no sounds/noise. Literally in pieces. People who were asleep were attacking everyone, including awake people. Some of the people who were awake managed to escape and are the only witnesses, no evidence of mind controlling magic, no other tower, just this one, evacuated neighboring towers, set up fields to find/relevant mind controlling magic. Don’t know if it’s related to the tower itself. Could not detect mind control magic.

Wraith looks at De: one ability that does not leave magical residue, De’s ability ends at communication. No one with psionic ability can read thoughts but not force them to do something,

De asks if potions leave a magical trace. Should be able to pick up most potions. Cord asks about dragon shards. Found a broken magical device, dented (smashed) spear with outside casing made of entwined magical circles, Inside there is a small Khyber dragon shard. Cord gets excited. Wraith asks of new people have come to move in or maintenance requests, some cultural event related to the tower itself. They are still reviewing the info. Awake people are acting like they are under the effect of mind altering magic but the wands cannot find one or what kind. Irrational, difficult to talk to. We are here to find out. Wraith asks De to find survivor to ascertain state of their minds. Wraith suggests that Cord determine what apparatus is. Have we looked for more? Did a sweep but have not found any. Could be more but reasonable sure there are not. Will continue to look. Never seen something like this before. Looks like a warforged related item. Know anyone in House Cannith you can trust: Ask there. Wraith might have someone. Cord knows someone in House Cannith as well who might even be able to make these things, they have a sketch of the device that Cord can take. Jemma will look for more of the items in the area as well. Wraith will talk to the rat catcher. Wraith grabbed the device to give to the rat catcher to examine warforged/Cannith connection.

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December 30, 2015

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