February 24, 2016

We are attacked. They will not tell us who and what they are. Smoke canisters launch at their feet and we hear pearl’s voice telling us to run. We do so, we hear the man we were talking to tell the others to find us.

Human: late 2os early 30s not well dressed but not as poor as expected. Non-descript. Tanned light skin, black hair cut short. We see Pearl gesture us from a nearby alley and we follow. She leads us through an alley and a bar to a small room and closes the door, blocking with a bar. She motions for both of us to be quiet. She was late to the meeting at the tower and was told that there were people watching the tower. ir’Villene was worried about the two of us as it appeared from the watchers were setting up a trap.

King’s swords were back at the ladder leading down watching to make sure no one goes up and to cover line of retreat. One of the watchers was from the House Medani . Once he was observed watching he took off with several other watchers. Not sure if these folks are from Medani or not but it seems like Medani is related.

We are not sure where people went and/or how to get there. Head back to the crime scene to send the Swords back and wait to confirm that no one else is watching/following. Pearl asks us if we know what direction the trail goes. She can ask around with people she knows to see if they noticed anyone unusual. We head north away from the smoke screen. We trip over things and attract attention of someone following us. We are noticed but before he can alert, we knock him out, gathering a few bruises of our own.

Out of the stores district and now in the Callestan where Pearl leads us to a shit-hole tavern. Pretty busy despite the lateness. Tattered and ill-used minstrel on stage singing a bawdy tune. We sit at the bar and she waves at the man behind the bar. I introduce ourselves as Frank and Jemmabeth. She offers him gold to smooth over their differences and states we have a job for him. He introduces himself as 9-finger Sam. What can he do for us? Lucan explains there was an attack on an apartment complex and we are looking for info on who. He has heard something. He might be able to help but he needs it narrowed down. We tell him there were people hanging around after and we describe the guy who confronted us. He is known and has connections all over the lower wards and a little higher. Also looking for people with significant artifice skills. He mentions House Cannith and have been doing it a little oddly by using intermediaries instead of the normal doing things directly. The gentlemen mentioned has been seen talking to someone with a “moving” dragon mark. Not sure which house, but he has ties with some house or someone dragoon marked. Might be able to find info on the man but will take some time. In the meantime, I don’t want you attracting attention, please leave. He will send word through Pearl.

We leave and head back to the crime scene. We collect the two swords and head back up the ladder. We run into ir’Villene who looks at us questioningly. Lucan shares that Pearl attacked us with a smoke bomb. She asks if we have anything. We mentioned that we are waiting for word for Pearl’s contact and that House Cannith is behind this. She had not made the connection yet but mentions that she wants to get someone into the house. She knows there was a Medani agent around but isn’t sure how they are related. She asks if Xuan De has contacts in Medani. She wants him to reach out to the contacts to find out how they are involved. She will close down the crime scene and guard it till morning, sending us off to bed. We will track down De and share her suspicions with him. She will check in with us and will be looking for daily reports. We head to Tradefair to his shop in the middle district. I change into a Squirrel and scamper up to an eve where a key is kept for emergencies. I let Lucan into the store and suggest that he stay in the front of the store. The animals are a little agitated. I change back and give them a treat and pet my favorites. Change into a cat to talk to my favorite to discuss the store gossip. She shares that the master came home an hour ago and went to bed. I sneak in as a cat and pounce onto his chest. He is familiar with my cat form so doesn’t attack. I materialize into human form and tell him that Lucan is downstairs and we have work for him.

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February 24, 2016

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