Icon Points

Icon relationships are going to work like this as opposed to the way that they are presented in the core 13th Age rulebook.

  • At the start of each session, roll 3d6.
  • Each roll of a 5 or 6 is then immediately assigned to any of your Icon relationships. If you have a relationship with House Medani, Breland, and Zilargo, you can “give” any of them that 5 or 6 to be used during play. Each die may then be used as listed below. You may not wait to assign your relationship until you need something. They must be assigned as they are rolled.
  • You can assign no more dice to a relationship than you have points in that relationship. For example, if you have a positive 2 relationship with Breland, you can use 2 dice with that relationship, but not 3.
  • As GM, I reserve the right to use your roll of a 5 if you do not, assuming that the negative part of that relationship is relevant to the situation at hand. Players have traditionally been very reluctant to do something which might impact them negatively in any way. To avoid any 5 rolls sitting around because they’re “useless”, I will take the initiative when possible. When this happens, you will get the benefit of using the roll when you choose.

Using the Icon relationships works like this.

  • On the roll of a 6, you the player get a d6 bonus for any roll you make or may subtract a d6 from any roll I make. Natural 1’s and natural 20’s are not applicable here (in either direction). The only other restriction is that you must describe (briefly) how your Icon relationship allowed that minor benefit.
  • Alternatively, you may use a 6 narratively to get an unambiguous improvement in a situation. A very difficult negotiation may get a bit easier, a small reward might be bigger, a neutral NPC might be friendly, etc. This is arguably the more powerful benefit in many situations, but the restrictions are greater as well. You the player must narrate or describe how your Icon relationship helped out in greater depth or with more description or roleplaying.
  • On the roll of a 5, you still get a d6 to use in whatever fashion you choose (within the restrictions mentioned earlier). However I, the GM, get a d4 that I can use in the exact same manner that you use your d6 (any roll I wish aside from nat 1 or nat 20, etc).
  • Similarly, using a 5 narratively trades making one situation easier now for one situation being more difficult, less profitable, or more complicated later. Note that this is the only use of a Icon point which I the GM can save between sessions. If I don’t use it within 4 sessions, I lose my opportunity to do so.

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Icon Points

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