These are the nations and organizations which represent the Icons of Dark Lantern’s Light as it pertains to your characters. There are other Iconic organizations and countries and places that exist in the world of Eberron, but these 13 are most relevant to you to begin. As the game progresses, some Icons listed here might be replaced by others.

Cyre and the Mournland
The Eldeen Reaches
House Cannith
House Medani
The Aurum
The Blood of Vol (a.k.a. The Order of the Emerald Claw)
The Silver Flame
The Lord of Blades

Breland is a special case Icon. As members of the King’s Dark Lanterns, you are working for the King of Breland for the sake of Breland. This, you would assume, would indicate that you automatically have a strong Positive relationship with Breland. However, the King’s Dark Lanterns are a covert organization and none of you are publicly known to be a part of it. You will receive benefits of your true relationship with Breland outside of the Icon system.

Instead, a relationship with Breland here is your public relationship and what other people know of it. You may be a King’s Dark Lantern and have a Negative relationship with Breland, which represents a cover to keep your real loyalties and actions secret.

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