January 13, 2016

ir’Villene calls us before we go about our business. She has not been able to get in touch with Pearl. She is probably working however, she cannot leave us shorthanded. She would have brought him in anyway likely. Guard comes back down with Lucan Stellos. The opposition apparently transformed Lucan to their will. The Wands have been working to revert the process. Lucan is no longer the man he used to be, but he is not the vampire he was before either. He’s a different sort of person. There is a shard embedded in his chest and a geas on the palm of his right hand: the Coat of Arms of Breland.

Jemma and De welcome Lucan aboard.

ir’Villene shoos away the other people and takes something, a cube, out of her pocket and hits 3-4 of the facets in a certain order, making it glow. This should prevent others from hearing. Someone made an attempt on Lucan while the reformation process was being performed. They “leaked” a false location to a certain number of people. There seems to be a mole. Until ir’Villene can find them, she will have to rely on us more than she would like.
She will investigate the tenants of the tower while we go about our search.

Lucan asks where he can be of service. Cord and Wraith are headed to the Rat Catcher. Jemma will hunt down devices. De will talk to his The Blood of Vol contacts. Invites Lucan to come along. He declines as they are the ones that did this to him. De will start in the middle ward to look for followers of the The Blood of Vol. Lucan will stick with Jemma.

De starts in the sorcery/magic district. Looking for groups interested in raw power. Sent to tower named Claws Edge. Walks through a gate/ overgrown courtyard and up to the tower. Knocks on the tower door. Knocks thrice and disheveled woman of approximately 20 years answers. Smells of chemicals. He explains he is looking for The Blood of Vol. If you are looking for religious stuff go to the temple district. He asks if there are any followers of the blood of Vol in the tower. Where did you hear that? Around. She tells him to wait here. De looks around and studies the flowers in the courtyard. Woman comes back and chides him for wandering around. She tells him to come in. Master Gryn bides you to talk to him. Wizards towers are a mess. Servants did not clean up. Gray haired tiefling male in robes looks perturbed to see De but gestures for De to sit in empty chair. De introduces himself as a private business, one who deals with magical pets and animals and also interested in The Blood of Vol recently. Heard he was a practitioner. Gryn states that he is mistaken. He has been studying for some time. They don’t particularly like him. What do you want to know? De is interested in practices of certain sects and where to find practitioners. He is interested in their practices and has a personal interest in what they do. Confirms there is a sect in the area but they prefer to stay out of site. The local sect leader is a powerful/dangerous vampire. Gryn was interested in their history and that was what he was researching but was warned to keep his nose out of their business. They have been known to have access to considerable necromancy powers. He would be surprised if they do not use necromancy. See necromancy as using magic to make tools out of useless things. Intelligent undead are different. They are an inspiration. Often given higher status in the church then regular people. De asks if he knows anything about specific sects of The Blood of Vol: The Order of the Emerald Claw and/or the Dawn Brothers. The Order of the Emerald Claw has long been known as the militia of The Blood of Vol. After outlawed by Carnath they became mercenaries and underground. They still do the work of the church. Gryn was not aware that the Dawn Brothers were part of The Blood of Vol. If The Blood of Vol is expanding, it is possible that the White Knives are involved. Not connected to The Blood of Vol but they use blood magic. They claim is a cleaner, self-sacrificial form of blood magic. They exchange requests to share knowledge.
De also asks about his garden. If you find interesting/unusual creatures in garden and can capture, De is willing to offer moderate finder’s fee.

Back to Lucan and Jemma. Item was put on 2nd floor at end of hall and was damaged when a door opened on it.

Three entrances: ground floor, mid-tier (skyway to the towers) and from tower below. Hatch and ladder to area below. One to district below is locked and the rest are open. Looks like the entrance below the lock is broken.

Jemma looks low and Lucan goes high. We find two more devices: one on every two floors (2nd, 5th, 8th). Other two aren’t broken but there seems to be something wrong with them. Can’t tell what, but Cord would know.

Mental communication default is about a mile without a lot of people in the way. Dense population is harder/shorter. We cannot tell if they are still dangerous. Ask Wands to get boxes in case we find something. Don’t want them to know in case of confiscation. They immediately know we have found something and they want to ask what we found but they figure it out as they bring lead lined bags later. Lucan smells the area to see if he can smell anything unusual.

Bring some of the guards with us as we go down the rabbit hole, Most are wands but there are a few lanterns,
Halfling magic user: Lilyia and normal human Mateus. We know he uses magic: rings and wand in hiding. Dagger might be magical. Lucan has crossed paths with Mateus. We introduce ourselves. Lilyia does not shake hands and keeps to herself. Goes down to back area of Sharn: warehouse district.
Cord and Wraith head to the Fallen to speak to the rat catcher. Wraith explains who the rat catcher is: mannerisms and the like. Wraith knocks and moments later hear shuffling and see Winsome looking out crack in wall. He opens door and addresses Winsome. Apologies for it being late and explains it is for a very important reason that he brings Cord. Wraith pulls out the device and unwraps it, presenting to Winsome who pulls his eyes from Cord to look at the device, His eyes go wide. Where did you get this. Wraith says we found in Sharn. There has been a situation and this device we fell was part of the situation but we do not know what it is. We are trying to piece together what happened, seeing what happened there, I had to hurry to you and bring company. He looks tired and shakes his head. “All these years of running and you bring it to my doorstep.” I know what this was made from. During war, we needed ways to disrupt magical attacks/creatures: elementals, spirits, etc. Created something not dissimilar from this when working with Cannith. There was a Khyber dragon shard in the center. Speak the command phrase, thrown in midst of enemies. Would bind/seal or disrupt magic in the area. Too expensive: area of effect was not sufficient. Someone has taken it up and adapted it for their own use. Wraith explains what we saw. Almost created a mirror image of their device. Intended to strengthen a specific sort of magic. If he had a whole one and/or a library to get a better idea. Related to conjuration magic, maybe strengthen the bonds between plains. Strengthen any creature conjured from another plain. Runes appear like dragon marks or hybrid of dragon marks and warforged. Wraith asks Cord if he would have what Winsome would need to research. Cord can get him access to the Library at the University of Sharn, they were not followed. Whoever made them will want them back. They sneak to the library.

They step out into the night and there are people already there with weapons drawn.

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January 13, 2016

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