January 27, 2016

Cord and Wraith fight the mysterious assailants.

Jemma & Lucan: Drop down to “not best part of Sharn.” Not a good place to be at nice. Quiet, dank, fishy. Lucan looks for a trail. A few tracks in the last two hours. Only a few going up the ladder. 2 sets: one going north, one going south. More people are interested in us then should be. Watched by one person as we discuss which way to go. Human or half-elf. In shadow. We head north and the person starts slowly tailing us. Lucan hides behind a corner and waits for him to pass. We go behind a warehouse and we see him walk pass. He is looking down alleyway as he walks past. We see he is a male human late 20-early 30. Typical thug but we see that this is a disguise. Carries himself like another agent. Eyes flick to where we are and he continues walking. Seems like he might be working with someone else who will pick up our trail.

Go through the warehouse to lose the trail. Jemma changes into a rat and tries to get into the warehouse through a broken window and unlock the door. Waits to make sure no one else is there. Uses rat sense and cannot sense anyone in the warehouse. I get to the door and shift back to dwarf to unlock the door. One person outside interested in where we are.

De: was returning to University district to find out if there is scholar or library with info re The Blood of Vol. Library closed. De goes home to bed.

Back to wraith/cord fight. Cord uses murder spheres. One gets away. They decide not to follow was they need to take care of Winston. He backed up into the shack but is otherwise fine. Winston has all he needs in the pockets of his cloak. They head off to Sharn University.

Jemma and Lucan try to find a way thorough the warehouse without light. Lucan glides through the warehouse like it is bright daylight. Jemma only bumps into a few things but doesn’t actually make anything fall. Entrance was in the North side of the building. Another exit to the East. We head for a south window to leave the warehouse. Jemma transforms back into a rat. Lucan’s foot knocks over a box on his way out. Someone listening to the warehouse would hear but not know where coming from. Head South as swiftly as possible while keeping an eye out for followers.

Same guy as before is following us but he is very far back. Might be doubling back or looking for our trail. Lucan heads back to pick up the trail south as Jemma Rat watches follower. To the South west. Follower is following us. Try to find hidey hole to ambush the follower. As we prepare to duck behind corridor Lucan picks up that there are a lot more people following us. People in side streets/alleys. Lucan looks for a place where we can defend. Find a place without backs to the wall. More than half a dozen-Lucan mockingly bows and addresses the follower. Jemma asks who they are and why they are following.

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January 27, 2016

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