July 20, 2016

Cord does not necessarily need help as this will be an “accidental” meeting. Kalashtar are not necessary dangerous, however…

Kalashtar have been seen in The Broken Arch area. The House Medini member has been seen in the Dragon Towers area.

Lucan lives in the Broken Arch area. He would be a good asset in the group with De that goes to look for the Kalashtar.

Wraith, Jemma and Cord will go to escort the House Medini contact. We head to the red light district in Dragon Eyes. Takes about an hour to an hour and a half to get down there. Even midday it’s pretty busy. We have a picture of him. Tall (more than 6’) but stout (wide in chest and arms). Forgettable face. Long curly black hair and dresses well. He is a half-elf. Mid 20’s. He is dragon marked with a lesser mark in a non-visible place. He is a bit of a womanizer and a lush. This led to his exile. He is exiled but the mark has not been removed so in theory he can be reinstated at some point.

Confer with the Guards to see if there have been any drunken related activities involving a man that meets his description.
Jemma goes to the cop bar and winks, flirts, says she is missing her cousin and provide a description. There are so many bar fights to count but enough flirtation brings me to the sergeant of the watch who says there have been a few incidents with someone matching his description. He has money to flash around so he paid off the accusers to drop the charges. Tavern attached to a brothel: Basilisk’s Eye and the brothel is the House of White Roses. I am familiar with it. It is an expensive place but in a skanky way. Pay a lot to have people who play slumming.

We head out to the Tavern and do some surveillance. Jemma turns into a gecko and stays out of sight to see if she can find the guy. Wraith is dressed Middle class local out for fun. Handsome, athletic build man. Wraith got groped the most. Jemma groped the least. Wraith’s crotch gets grabbed. The guy shrugs and walks away. He notices a tingling sensation on his hand. Someone wrote something on it. Says “not the only hunters out today. Watch your back” with a mini lantern. We arrive at the tavern and Jemma rides up Wraith’s sleeve as they enter. Find something out of the way near the door and he would shake me loose to run the edge of the wall to the rafters to spot our mark. Cord will go to the 2nd level to look out. Wraith will stay on the bottom level. Also looking for suspicious characters/counteragents.

House Medani traitor: Radyph d’Medani. Wraith goes and talks to the Madam. Wraith asks for the owner of the establishment. She does not want to get the Madam for him but provides her name: Shedrah. He agrees to share with her in order to gain some compliance and shares that she is trying to find someone. He knows that this person is trying to find him. She cannot give him the info but if he would like to stay downstairs, maybe the person will come to him.

We wait for an hour and are about to get ready when we hear a load voice upstairs. Turn to the voice and it is Radyph with one of the bar workers. She is keeping him steady. There are some people who have noticed our friend. It is difficult to tell why. We casually meet him at the foot of the stairs. Wraith lets him know that we are here for him He whispers a room number 217. Knock twice, wait and knock once more and heads up stairs. We meet at the table. Wraith shares the information with the team. Jemma goes to hang out at the back window to watch for a back room escape. We wait five minutes and head upstairs.

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July 20, 2016

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