July 29 2015

People with bags come in and look at us suspiciously. They start treating our wounds without talking to us.
Full rest.

We got the following silver weapons
1 decently sword
3-5 decent arrow heads and two not in good shape

We are asked what happened. We explained that we were attached by air ship pirates. They are close to rail so they don’t hear much about airships. Rail goes pretty far out. They are a major stop on Lightning rail. Biggest stop before Starilaskur.

Northbound train gets in tonight and leaves tomorrow.
Horses last 12 hours.
Sent message back to headquarters to update on status, including Bree’s jam addiction.

Breeland army uniformed Dwarf comes in and sits. Drinks a mug of water.

Cord shares that we were traveling by airship when it was attacked by the emerald claw. We explain that we weren’t attacked, we were passengers. It looked like they were going after one individual and a woman with him with descriptions of Lucan and Grilsha. They looked like they wanted to keep to themselves.

We are headed to valtheron.

We are told to be on our way ASAP. He will keep an eye out for Lucan and Grilsha and take them into custody
Cord goes to a forge to borrow equipment: Toppe’s workshop. To make silver knuckles for his war hand. He tries to pass it off as cosmetic. She asks if the silver he picked up has to do with the airship crash. He asks what rumors she has heard. We saw the crash and went to assist. We were given the broken pieces for our help/aide. It takes him a long while to work up to his usual rhythm
Chana does most of the heavy lifting and teases him until he gets to the finer work. Waived her fee fir the experience.

Wraith is recon the area, looking for Lucan and Grilsha. Listening for conversations. Hanging around barns and inns

De uses his mental talents to sneak and help Wraith. Jemma writes a report for base and finds a courier to send.
They are really tired and easily distracted. They don’t get much information. They hear a lot of people talk about the red headed woman. How beautiful she is. But everyone knows that they are looking for these people. If they were paying attention, they will know we are looking for them.

They did come in and are in some inn. Don’t know which one.

Jemma heads over to post office. Personable Halfling asks how she can help.

Expedited in 4 days: 3 gold. 1 gold for standard. We decide to send expedited. She puts the house seal on it to show it has not been opened. Jemma witnesses the seal. Delivered to location on outside of envelope. No return message expected.

People have started to take note of De and Wraith asking questions and have started following them. Not necessarily hostile but very curious. DE decided to confront them genially. 3-4 following them. He explained that we are trying to make a business deal with them. Not what they heard. They heard we have some ill intentions for this woman. Trying to keep her safe. She says we are trying to harm her. That is not the case. De offers to answer questions. He is asked what business deal. It was with her companion and an effort to keep her from his nefarious dealings. They are not convinced and ask him to leave her alone. He asks them to continue to watch out for her. Something not quite right about these people, repeating things told to them. Mentally influenced.

De finds a bar and reaches out telepathically to the team. The Joyous duke ale house. Low end, though not quite a dive. Still being followed. Pretty bad at it.

De searching memory for Lucan/Grilsha and anyone that doesn’t move the way they should. In the pub, Jemma orders an ale. Takes up conversation with bar keep. Gets food as well. Order bread and cheese to hold over until roast/stew arrives. 8 silver.

We have Wraith change his look and follow the people following us. We decide to head to an inn to get a room and hope the followers will disperse. De will also use his powers to follow them. We find an inn close to the rail. Silver gargoyle Hall 2 rooms available, one being cleaned. Vacated the drunkards and their “lovely lady.” Discount: 2 gold. Cord covers. Bree and Jemma room together. Cord and wraith. De gets his own room for quite. Cord rigs an alarm. No one of note inside. The followers did not enter.

It takes De several hours to recall. He realizes that these people started following them about 30 minutes after they started asking. Recognize most of the people but not all of the people that he confronted. He caught a brief glimpse of Grilsha and she saw him and was hiding. He did not notice anyone that was following us but not trying to be noticed.

He sees everything at once instead of focusing, headache, bloody nose, damage.

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July 29 2015

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