July 6 2015

Three days from port. Just getting into storm.
Jemmabeth on deck. Everyone else in rooms.
Turbulence is not horrible, but it is noticeable. Deck is covered in water. Lots of thunder/lightning.

De is going to tail Grilsha.
Bree and Cillian walk around the deck to clean off.
Cord goes to Wraith’s room to talk abbot when they are going to make their move.
Wraith wants to wait to see what De’s surveillance finds: Where is Lucan?
Jemma heads to the dining room to eat. Wanders around to check out ship and sees Grilsha there.

Jemma starts conversation with Grilsha. Grilsha asks us to leave her alone. He is her brother and there is nothing she can do. She will not abandon her brother. We don’t want her to abandon her brother; we just want to help him. She does not believe that she can do anything. I understand. I just have one thing to say. Are you sure what he has planned is helping him. We are trying to help him: we want to take him home to get help, to get him back to where he was before.

Share this information with De who spreads to others: suggest we let her stew.
Bree does an acrobatic show to try to recoup some of the cost of the trip. Everyone is busy working so it’s not all that successful. Two people who did show got a panty shot.

Crewmember walks around deck. Walks on wraith’s door and lets her know that the captain says there is another ship around. She is having difficulty seeing them in the storm.

Goes to De and says the same. De asks where the captain is. De asks how far the captain’s sight goes. She has a magical spyglass but it’s not too far. De goes to see her.

Cord is in his room waiting it out. He speaks to Bree. He gives her a crazy look. He is one of the ones he flashed. She goes to the dining room. She sees crewman knocking on Grilsha’s cabin. There is no answer.

De offers to help captain see the ship. He sits in the corner and goes into trance. Look ahead. De starts his sight projected out the front of the bow and goes out as far as he can.

Wraith checks Cord: device. Everything is ready except last little bit. Wraith points out that Lucan might be able to jump ship. Cord can attempt to make the stolen part look like a malfunction. Wraith and Cord decide to sneak and try to get the part Cord needs for the ballista and replace it with another part to make it look like incompetence. Wraith is going to stand at the steps and whittle. If someone comes up the stairs, Wraith will bang on the wall a few times. Wraith is going to maintain his female character. Cord will snag the part and make a quick switch while he is there. He puts s functional replacement in there. Not as sturdy because he is hasty. Will last 2-3 firings before there is an issue.
Don’t know why they are in visible range. No other ships on this route. Still headed the same directon and behind us but still no guarantee. De going to rest. Will watch from ship. Please let him know (wake him up) if they spy the ship again. It’s another airship but don’t know who affiliated with. Could be wind elemental. De geos to Captain’s quarters to let her know he is resting.

De gets invited into the Captain’s cabin for the night. And things happen. And Cord hears things.

Jemma stays on deck, making out with the horny crewman.

De feels something untoward during the night. He wakes up the captain. He senses people coming up from below the ship. Focused. Not sure they are friendly. They get dressed. He keeps looking below the ship. He sees 5 skiffs (like airships but without elemental propulsion). Sends message to companions that we have people incoming, not necessarily friendly.
Jemma saw Lucan come out of lounge and look down for a few minutes. Nods and walks over to Jemma. Other people interested in acquiring him/his services. They are here now. He is not necessarily looking to go with them. I share this with De to share with the group. De asks if they are going to take him by fore. Yes.

Jemma asks if her wants help. He states he doesn’t think we have a choice. The Emerald claw will take him and hurt everyone on board.
Emerald claw. Military arm of the Blood of Vol. Irregular forces. Used to be a knightly order. Outlawed now. No more than 4 people on each skiff.
We hear an alarm: a bell, which sounds through whole ship. People come on deck.
Men on skiffs are pretty well armored/armed.
And fight.

Milord Stillos, if you would come with us, the Blood of Vol would like to make your acquaintance. You have been chosen as worthy. Lucan looks at her and shakes her head. I will not be stopped by them, nor by you. De responds, No he won’t. She replies if we have to take you by force we are ready to do so.
Lucan is hit. His blood turns to steam. She smirks at Lucan’s obvious surprise. Silver.

Wraith and Cord hear banging from hull and across the hall. They hear boots come down the hall. Wrath manifests the blade and is in his battle self. As move action, cord fashions an eldritch healing device for wraith.
Wraith decides to wait until someone kicks down his door. Someone kicks down his door and he basically one shots him. He jumps out to fight. Cord sneaks past and gets into the room with the ballista and shoots at the skiff.

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