July 6, 2016

Jemma and Cord go and get the information from Alistair re which corpse was closest to the broken device then head to the morgue. We get a gradient of how far away people were. The Watch guards recognize us and usher us in, with looks. We meet Ellisar. Jemma hands him a cup of Café con Leche and a croissant. We provide him a list of five people that closest to the blast. We start with eh farthest of the five that were closest. She is an elderly human mid 50-60. Somewhat overweight but nothing else stands out. She was an attacker. Can see around her hands where her finger nails were ripped out while attacking. She had to have been subdued some way but we do not see how.

What were you doing when the attack started? How did you feel during the attack? Did you notice anything before the attack?
She says that everything was as any other night. She was reading with her husband and had fallen asleep. She does not if her husband was asleep. She felt as though she was far away watching herself doing these things. She was not there but was there, something was with her watching.

Ellisar does not remember off hand who her husband was. He has a table of affects and personal items with books and materials. He picks up a journal and flips through it. He points to a gentleman on a table, a man younger than his wide. 40-50. Overweight and darker. He was attacked. Gouges on chest/head/face. This was how his wife mangled her fingers. He was somewhat farther away from the epicenter: approximately 5-6 yards away, in another room. He was in the kitchen making tea.

Very few were outside their own apartments. There were five individuals attacked outside their apartments. Two were doing something outside their apartments and the rest seemed to have heard a noise and left their apartment to investigate. They have an approximate diameter of affect. Seems to have reached to the floor above and below. Detonated from 2nd floor and enveloped the entire 2nd floor with some affects into the 1st and 3rd floor. No one on the 4th floor was affected but there might not have been any sleepers. The affect went downward but there were no apartments on the ground floor.

They were not able to keep it under wraps as well as they would have liked. People are talking about it.

Next person: focus on the interloper. Next closest person is an attacker. The rest are victims.
Did they feel a presence? Can they name it? Can they describe it?
Half Elf male in his 30s maybe. He is covered in bruises/contusions/scrapes. Defensive wounds and there are a lot of them. Nose and possibly jaw broken. Deep voice: I was not alone. Something/someone was with me, pushing and pushing. Cannot name it. The dream never stopped. The dream would not let me go. I fought but it wouldn’t let me go. I dreamed red rage, distance, so much distance. So far away. So wrong. So alien in its thinking. It hurt me. It scared me. It pushed me aside. I felt it thinking. I felt the words but did not comprehend. Did not recognize a language. It was not speech. It was thought/emotional/memory. What made it stop: the bridge that closed the distance fell apart. But it held on so tightly that it took some of me with it.

We will come back with more questions. Want to consult with Xuan De regarding what he experienced/heard when talking to the presence that night.

Jemma talks to the people on the list that Aigan gave her. She requests someone to accompany her or go for her to talk to Professor Drosin. She also goes out with Aigan again.

Most of the people on the list are happy to talk. They talk about their personal theories and what they are doing. They do not know what caused the Day of Mourning. In terms of current events, nothing new is learned and nothing is related to what we are working on. Warforged are making their own god/country. It is very difficult/expensive/dangerous to mount an expedition to the Mournland. You can pass through, but even that is fraught with danger. It’s difficult to get funding/volunteers for extended visits for research. They do not have a clear picture of what is going on now or what has happened since the Day of Mourning.

Cord wants to go visit his mentor, Beren Lonn. He wants his help to set up a meeting with his House Cannith contact, Delru Smyth after Cord meets with Xuan De. It may take a few days as House Cannith members have clammed up. Beren will likely have to keep Cord’s name out of it to get her to attend. This is fine with Cords he does not want her to know. He does not suspect her direct involvement but thinks she knows a lot about what is going on. Will have to be a public location. Make the fact that Cord is there an “accident” or “coincidence.” Cord goes to talk to De.

Xuan De spends his mornings in his shop and promotes his business/looks for clients. When his assistant comes in at noonish, he heads to the Morgrave University to research House Cannith’s connection to the Mournland and the Warforged’s god. He also goes to Sharn University to do similar research. Confirm that the information is the same or where it deviates. Looking for patterns. Looking at how money is flowing in and out of House Cannith and how it relates to what they say they are spending money on.

Should have found evidence that House Cannith is funding expeditions into the Mournland but finds nothing at all. Seems that Cannith is doing things but through intermediaries. Giving money through third parties and more distant connections. Firing adventurers instead of guards. Hire people to propose expeditions to the professors. Not digging up a lot of concrete info. They are doing things but keeping it quiet. Likely has to do with preventing the other part of House Cannith from knowing.

Spends four days on this then looks into factions in House Cannith with names of high ranking individuals and local lower ranking individuals. He found the highest profile people and the factions involved: west, north and east. Infighting is due to the fact that the highest levels/leadership was wiped out in the Day of Mourning and they are fighting for leadership. They are picking off lower level individuals, not the highest levels. Most of his information is with House Cannith West, the local branch.

Evenings after research at Morgrave Library are spent visiting Stend Aggan, sharing their war stories and research, developing their friendship. Other evenings are spent with his mental tutor, practicing his mental skills.

At next meeting with Alistair, told to all come. We have been trickling in one or two at a time before but this time we all need to meet at the same restaurant where we met him previously. He is there with ir’Villene. We order food/drinks. She has been brought up to date on what we have learned, but higher ups are breathing down her neck to get this resolved.

House Medani may know more than they are sharing. A disgraced member of the family informed that the house has more involvement then they have shared. We need to bring him in for questioning. House Medani does not like people sharing their secrets.

They have also gone through the list of people who should have been at the apartment during the incident but were not. They have a list of five people, three of which are Kalashtar. Alistar received word from Winsome that the devices were definitely made in House Cannith. Don’t know if it was a sanctioned, official thing or not but we need to find out. Have to split up to get this all accomplished.

De will contact the Kalashtar. Cord will reach out to his contact with House Cannith. Wraith is needed to bring in the House Medani member alive and unharmed. Lucan and Jemma can go with whoever needs your talents. Pearl has gone missing. She heard from her three days ago. She is looking into the Dawn Brothers and has not reported in. She needs answers now. This is the other reason the Captain of the Swords is coming to visit.

Two agents in Aundair have gone missing. Their cover stories had them originating in Sharn. This may be related to the leak in the Citadel. She may need to send us there to investigate.

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July 6, 2016

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