June 11, 2015

It was decided that Bree will sneak onto the boat and use knowledge that Cord provides to slightly move the crystal to disrupt the ship. She is easily able to sneak past everyone and manages to disrupt the crystal just enough. She feels the crystal is warm and can deduce the ship is powered by a fire elemental.

Bree pranks the other two guys by pretending to be a poltergeist. She freaks them out for a few minutes but Cillian’s actions give her away.
De and Jemma manage to make it on to the ship just in the nick of time to meet the ship. The Captain asks if they want to come aboard. They state that their passage has been paid and she lets them on. Immediately the elemental ring springs to life and the ship moves.
We don’t see Lucan but we did see Grilsha near the officers’ quarters on the same level we are on.
Wraith disguises as a buxom brunette to check things out/listen, looking for anything weird or a room set up differently. He does find something hidden under a door, blocking it, but every crew man on the deck has noticed him. They are following him. There doesn’t seem to be other passengers. Wraith goes to Bree’s door and has her follow him to Cord’s door.
De questions the crew about the flight. It is headed for Vathiron and from there headed north to Flame keep then to Rakkenmark then Krrlekan and finally to Chrome Peak in the Moar Holds then back through the same route. It will take five (5) days to get to Vathiron, where we have booked passage to.

We find Wraith (we know this disguise) and follow him then realize we won’t all fit in a room so we head to the deck. There’s a little wind to disguise our conversation. Their quarters appear to be in the starboard side of the ship as we are taking up the bow/mid.
We discuss what we have learned and what we believe Lucan has become. Bree feels that, given the info she has, it feels like a vampire. With her connections she has a good working knowledge of the undead. Both De and Bree would know what a vampire would be weak against as how to kill it:
1. Stake through heart will immobilize.
2. Vampire can turn into bats/mist.
3. Can be active during daylight hours but they don’t like sunlight: it actively hurts them to some degree. Younger vampires are more likely to be more inert during the day and burned by sun.
4. Vampires can charm people. Might be charming Grilsha but we don’t know.
5. Holy and fire, silver would affect him.

Jemma thinks, given what happened to the inn keeper, Lucan was feeding so he might not need to do so on the ship. He can last 3-7 days depending on the vampire.
As we are discussing what to do about Lucan, he walks up. Wraith states it would be easier if he came back to Sharn. He says he would like to but cannot. He cannot talk about it either. He is here in the behest of his master. Even taking out to his master would not resolve issue.
Wraith says, “So you are beholden to the one who made you what you were. “ Lucan appreciates our quickness but cannot give any more information. He has no choice. He knows we are doing our duty but he must do his duty too. He respects what we are doing and asks up to desist. We share that we are not tasked with killing him, but with bringing him back. He states that going back would be death. He would ask that we not pursue this on the ship as others will suffer. He would prefer that his sister was safe and out of the way. He does not know how to keep her safe.
Lucan would be willing to work with us to get her sister out of danger against her will. He does not think there is a way to break him from his bond. His thirst is not the only bond and is the minor one.

Cord offers to take his sister out of the picture. When we stop in Vatheron Lucan can help us get his sister off the ship.
De and Lucan discuss the hostess at the party and we spill Wraith’s secret. Wraith shares that we work for Breeland and De makes a smart answer “like you used to,” giving him the hint he needs to figure it out. He nods and heads back downstairs,
He is bringing something home.

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June 11, 2015

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