June 17 2015

The conversation on what to do with Lucan continues. Cord’s plan is to glean parts from ballista to make insta-stake piercer. Beyond that, we have a chance to double cross him during Grilsha trade off and take that opportunity to subdue him. Jemma does not like it but cannot think of anything else. De thinks it’s a horrible idea and thinks it will only hurt us in the long run. Cord argues that there is no trust to hurt. Jemma suggests we talk to Grilsha see what we can learn from her.

We head to bed, taking the opportunity to look at the room where the ballista is set up. De uses 3rd eye and speak mind to pick lock. Takes 10 minutes and no one really notices. We find a box of spare parts and Cord thinks he can get most of what he needs from the box. He will need a few key ingredients from the ballista, which will make it inoperable, but he won’t need them till last minutes. There is little chance anyone will notice the theft.

Most of us (except De and Bree), wake up and smell breakfast so we go eat. Grilsha comes in and eats.
De decides to go up on deck and wait for space in the dining room. He observes the crew and watches how the ship works. Grilsha sneaks on deck but misses De who sneaks away down the stairs. Cord nonchalantly goes up on the deck. He proclaims to the air that we are not here to harm anyone.
She asks what he calls what happened at the embassy.

Wraith comes up and asks what she knows about her brother’s job and that we were just doing our job. Grilsha states that it’s not about his job to her. She is taking care of her brother who took care of her. She does not know what is going on but he is her brother.
Wraith comes across very directly. He explains that Lucan has done things and will do things that will effect Sharn and their family. Cord explains that we are here to try to help them and help Lucan. Wraith states that her brother stole things. She asks what things he stole. Wraith describes in detail how Lucan tore people apart and stole a lot of property from the government.

Cord shares that Lucan has told them that he is not himself. We are trying to rectify the situation. We don’t want to hurt him. He was a good person, we want to get the people who are responsible. We don’t want to hurt Lucan but get the people responsible.
She states that he has told her there is nothing to change the situation. Cord offers for her to help us help him. She asks what our plan is. We don’t have one yet, but we welcome her help in figuring out how to help him. Cord tells Grilsha we need her. The only way we can keep him safe and alive is through her and with her. We have no control. We need her to help us bring him in safely.
Wraith states we want to bring him in safely. We don’t want to hurt him. As a matter of fact, our superiors said not to harm him.

Grilsha asks, if that’s the case, why did we attack the carriage. I come around the corner and explain that this was a misunderstanding. We were trying to slow them down. Wraith continued that there were some of us who were a little excited. Cord adds that the embassy was about another group we did not know about that forced our hands. Wraith says there were at least two other factions getting involved and we need to figure out how and why. That’s another reason why we need to get him home, because others are out to get what he stole. We need to bring him home so we can protect him from the others. And while he might be punished for what he did at the warehouse, there might be leniency because of all that he has done for his country.
Grilsha argues that she cannot change his mind. He has changed, but he is still there. He is not easily deterred. We have given her pause but have not convinced her. Cord suggests that she go back to her brother and talk to him. His love for her might be able to sway him.
Jemma signs that we should back off and let her mull it over. We nonchalantly move away, Wraith and Cord going downstairs. Jemma goes to the deck to observe the flight of the ship and pester the crew with millions of questions.

De sits in cabin with door locked and uses his third site to follow Grilsha and listen in to what she does. Lucan will be trained to recognize scrying; however, De is being more subtle so it’s less likely. De uses a ritual to make his eavesdropping as less noticeable as possible and extends his hearing as much as possible.

It is pretty dark but he should be able to see Lucan but does not. There is nothing in the room big enough to contain a full human body. There is a foot locker but not big enough to fit Lucan. De also does not see the items that were stolen. They are small enough to be stored in other things. The sword is kept in the gloves for storing. He was wearing them last night.

Grilsha is sitting there thinking. Deeply. De cannot hear her thinking out loud or see her lips moving. De will tuck his consciousness in the corner in case she does anything. He sets up some of his consciousness to talk to the rest of the team if need be.
Jemma travels around the ship, learning how the ship works, sweet-talking her way into the engine room to meet the elemental and learns the life story of three of the crew members.

Cord hangs out in his room working on the stake ballista.
Wraith will learn where all of the stops are in the route
Bree staggers periodically to the dining room and comes back covered in jam, likely raspberry. She looks like a jam overdosed fairy.
Grilsha rushed to dinner and back before we realized it was served.

De takes a break and goes to dinner. He talks to the crew about the fire elemental heating the food. They state they have tried that but the elemental is temperamental and burned the bread just for fun. He speaks his own language, no one can understand him. The Captain has forbidden passengers go down to the elemental. De states that the Captain seemed to be grumpy and asks if everything is ok. There was a misalignment but it’s all been taken care of.

They discuss how the crystals need to be aligned every few weeks. Hitting the dock can jumble them a little. Pilot’s pretty good, doesn’t happen very often. Good captain, tough but fair. De makes a comment about her being pretty. Crew man says he is not going there. It’s not worth his job. Passenger can try it, but….she’s got a tempter.

De goes back to quarters and goes back to spying on Grilsha. When he gets back, Lucan is in Grilsha’s quarters, talking to Grilsha quietly. De gets enough to know that she is talking about our meeting with her. De tries to pick up body language. Lucan is hard to read. Lucan is very still and does move around a lot.

Grilsha is upset, worried, closed off; not holding eye contact with Lucan. She is skittish, upset, worried, concerned and scared.
De is not as prepared as he thought and, when he looks further at Lucan, Lucan detects him. He does not know who it is but wonders which party is looking for him and breaks the connection.

Lucan was trying to reassure Grilsha that everything is fine. He assures he is not in danger and not putting anyone else in danger. She was relating about him tearing people in half and hurting Breeland. He did not negate her statements directly but just tried to calm her down.
De catches the last thing he says as being significant “which set of hounds are these.”

De goes back to galley, gets food and heads up on deck. He is directly behind Lucan. De offers him to have a nice night and goes to wheel house, knocking on the door. The Captain is not there. She is in her quarters. De asks if the crewman has eaten. He answers, confused. The Crewman thinks that De is involved with Wraith and asks about her. De suggests that he talks to Wraith first before going straight to her quarters. De offers the food to Lucan who gives De a look. De goes to his quarters and eats seconds.

A crewman comes out to Cord, who is about to come on deck, and states that weather is approaching and suggests that he not come on deck. The Crewman asks him if he wants to share the word with his fellow passengers. Cord volunteers to go below and tell the others. There are paper bags under the bed: Storm passages are rough for the tummy. The crewman shares that the storm could last about a day and a half. Cord walks over to tell Lucan/Grilsha. Cord sees that Grilsha looks upset and makes eye contact with her. She breaks away quickly but does not look at Lucan. Cord talks to Lucan about keeping his sister safe through the storm. Grilsha nods at Cord and looks away.

Cord pops in on Bree. Before he walks in the door he can smell the jam and hear the clicking of silverware on glass and sounds of intense pleasure. He cracks the door and tells her “Storms a coming. Stop eating that much jam. “

Cord lets Wraith know about the various conversations and lets De know telepathically. He peeks in on Jemma who is in the dining room with the crew members she has met. They are making bets on taking drinks on the deck and seeing who can last the longest.

The ride gets rougher. The passengers can hear rain on the deck and the wind outside. One of Jemma’s new crew member friends is trying really hard and not subtly to get into Jemma’s pants. They are standing on the deck but the wind and rain aren’t as bad near the elemental.
Jemma teases the crew member trying to seduce her about the terms of their bet and delays his interests by telling him he has to prove he can handle the storm. She heads off to bed as well.

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