King's Dark Lanterns

The Dark Lanterns serve the crown of Breland as spies and assassins. Collectively they form the intelligence division of The King’s Citadel, a much larger organization sworn to defend Breland from its enemies and dispense justice in the name of King Boranel. More than any other division within the Citadel, the Dark Lanterns tend toward intelligence- gathering missions that extend beyond Breland’s borders. As the secret servants of the crown, members of the organization are granted the authority to conduct intelligence operations on foreign soil, execute covert missions across the globe, and prevent national secrets from falling into the hands of rival intelligence agencies. The Dark Lanterns also have the unwritten authority to eliminate any creature that threatens their nation, its sovereign, or its citizens.

The King’s Dark Lanterns were vital to Breland’s defense during the Last War. However, conspiracies abound in the aftermath of war as nations try to rebuild what was lost. The Thronehold accords have done nothing to end the secret conflicts being waged across the Five Nations – conflicts steeped in espionage and subterfuge. With the threat of another war looming on the horizon, Breland needs its Dark Lanterns now more than ever.

Members of the King’s Dark Lanterns
Captain Meliana ir’Villene, Chief of Sharn Operations

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King's Dark Lanterns

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