March 23, 2016

De goes to sleep and starts having vivid dreams. More than usual for even him. Is in the Tower and sees all of us as images but there is someone else there, someone hidden and shifting so he cannot get a clear image. Almost like he has left his body and is someone else’s head but not exactly. He can move around but it’s like he is moving through syrup. The other consciousness does not seem to see he is there. He edges around the other presence and tries to look around the tower. He starts to move but it takes so much concentration that the form notices him. Looks vaguely humanoid but there are elements that are definitely not. Turns to face him and moves towards him. Once it notices him, he cannot move or turn. De turns attention back to presence.

Hears voice in head, similar to voice used when communicating with the Brothers of the Sightless Eye, but wrong and not quite human. It says that he is an unexpected presence here and asks what he is doing there. It does not feel like the presence he felt in Lucan’s mind. Familiar but not connected. He responds that he is just an observer and not an intentional one. This is not a place for observers, especially for one not known to us. It reaches into his body and he feels a cold sensation in body/mind like nothing he has felt before. De tries to back away. He cannot and he feels his mind giving into the sensation, losing himself a little.

It tells him that he is something different that has been touched by his efforts and that he will need to be brought in and examined. De smarts off about buying him a drink. Creature ignores him. Creature says his mind will be blanked until someone can come to get him. Then something lands on his chest and wakes him up. He feels her psychic energy: a Gnome squirrel. He sits bolt upright and recognized Jemma. He says hello. She squeaks a response. He tries to enter Serenity to talk to her and cannot. There is a static in his head. He thinks he will regain his powers eventually.

He asks Jemma to transform. She jumps down and transforms. He hears the animals going nuts downstairs and asks if Lucan is there. We are talking before we realize there is something on the pillow next to De’s head. There is a piece of parchment that is stabbed through with a dagger. We look for magical residue but do not have the power. The blade is through the pillow; the rest is plain, unadorned and well used. De pulls out knife and parchment. Blade is 8” and looks like used but well cared for, very sharp with no nicks: freshly sharpened. Double sided.

Parchment is folded in half. De looks at both sides. One is blank. Written side shows a few sentences. Do not recognize the hand writing, written in common. “Xuan De, I am in Sharn for a little while so I thought I would give you my calling card. I hope to see you soon. Your friend.” De gets angry and throws the knife at the wall.

Jemma asks what is wrong. “Now is not a good time for him to be here. Cannot deal with this now” but he will need to share with the boss lady sooner rather than later.

Lucan hears the thud and calls upstairs. “Everything ok?” De replies no and Lucan comes up. De asks if he would care to drink someone’s blood and is denied. There is an individual that has harassed him throughout his career who has come for a visit. De does not know who he/she is. We need to go outside so De can get air and to settle down the animals.

Cord, Wraith and Winsome go to Cord’s place. Wraith hangs back to see if he can detect any followers. He does not pick up anyone, though they get odd looks. He cases Cord’s place and does not see anything out of order.

Winsome sits down, looking exhausted. He had an unpleasant thought while they were walking over: everything they have seen points to Cannith, but which branch? How much do you know about Cannith? Not much. The Day of Mourning splintered House Cannith. Cyre was their main headquarters and since then they have been split into factions. There are currently three major factions who do not get along well. Still struggling for primacy. While this is likely Cannith, it might not be originating in Sharn and that makes it more difficult to determine whom/what.
Three factions: House Cannith West here in Sharn. Most closely resembles traditional House Cannith, though there is a mad scientist air, as though they are trying to make up for the Day of Mourning, They are doing some unusual experiments. House Cannith North based in Karrnath: Secretive. Rumors and guesswork for what they have been doing. One more faction: focused most in Arcanix in Aundair, though they are not focused in one area. Seem to be keeping things quiet.

Cord knows one person in Cannith, but not sure she would be helpful. He makes up a cot for Winsome and suggests they sleep as it is rather late. They set up some guards and traps and go to sleep.

Lucan, De and Jemma go to find ir’Villene. We head to the Tower. The layout and the look of the place matches De’s dream but the people look different. Likely due to time lapse. De was asleep for 5-6 hours. De asks ir’Villene if they can talk somewhere private. She, too, looks exhausted and leads him to a place to talk. De asks if we can ward the place against eavesdroppers. She tells him that it is. De states he doesn’t think so., He has had a dream/vision and there was someone watching. Since the dream there has been something in his head. He can’t do his stuff. She asks if this was a nightmare. He has never had a nightmare that has turned off his powers. She asks what his dreams was about. There was something observing and it observed him. It didn’t know why he was there. They were able to communicate psychically so it has that power. It’s not a vampire. It was going to collect him or send someone to do so. She expresses difficulty in believing. She asks him to show her where the creature was located. He holds her off and says there is something else going on, He hands her the note and explains how/where he found it. The Spy is back in town.

ir’Villene needs sleep before she can deal with this. Maybe De’s dream can help figure this out. Show her where the creature was located. He takes her to the second level and he explains more about the dream. Lucan and Jemma follow. De tests his powers a little. They are back but he still feels off/nauseous. He explains to ir’Villene that he has his power back and wants to use it. He goes into serenity to see if he can sense any energy. Everything is really jumbled. The space around the tower feels disturbed, like water that someone has run their hand through. He cannot detect anything from where the creature was located. Almost like a void. He tells us that the place feels a little sideways, not quite right, except for the place to where the creature was. He stays back at least five feet from the location where he is gesturing to. The magicians they brought in said there was something that made it more difficult for them to work, like magic was a little more difficult to work. He opens a mind link with ir’Villene, Jemma and Lucan and, shielding it from outside influence, shares that the lack of feeling on that area seems like some kind of cloaking/veil so he cannot sense it. He thinks the creature is still there but is hiding. ir’Villene asks if he is sure. When was the changing of the card? People left a couple of hours ago and they are winding down. He is sure that it was there a couple of hours ago and is still there. It can see them but hopefully cannot hear us. ir’Villene wants to bring in a mage to get a reaction from the creature, if it’s here on another plane. Please be careful. This thing is very powerful. ir’Villene asks the three of us to stay there in case. She puts Lucan on guard duty to make sure no one comes in the door, She is still concerned about House Medani’s interests in the place. De asks if they could do this? Lucan says any house can and ir’Villene agrees, though Medani usually seems more subtle. De does not want to get closer to the area until the magician shows. Ir’Villene asks if Jemma can shift into an animal form to see if there is anything else she can see. They discuss that the psychic energy is not usually detectable by animals. Jemma suggests a cat might be able to see something. De expresses a concern about the creature seeing Jemma change. Ir’Villene takes her off to another area to a mage to have her change without the creature seeing.

Jemma and ir’Villene go downstairs and finds an elf in ink-stained clothes kneeling next to one of the plants. He nods to ir’Villene and asks if she needs something. She asks him to come take a look at something. He follows. He looks at Jemma quizzingly. She introduces herself and he replies in kind, a little confused. Asks if she is a Lantern and she says yes. He apologizes for his tiredness. Ir’Villene tells him that we believe something might be watching. He asks why we think so. Ir’Villene says it’s a reliable source. She hopes he can bring the creature out/to us. He has something that might work. It will take him a few minutes. Ir’Villene asks us to follow her. I change quickly and he blinks at me for a moment before continuing on. They meet Lucan and De upstairs. The elf asks where the creature is. De checks for the void, gestures and explains that the lack of something indicates something might be there. However, it has heard us. Jemma doesn’t see anything but feels something off, like a tingling/electricity in the air like there is magic in the air. I get closer (about 3’) and notice that it gets colder. I move back to De. The elf says it will take 15-20 min and starts to take things out of his pouches, setting them on the table. Takes a bottle of silvery substances to make a circle around the void. He admits he can feel a coldness.
He performs his magic and warns that something may come out. Nothing happens after a moment. If something was going to come out, it is more powerful than he or it’s gone. There is a dead spot. It reminds him of the Mournland. The feeling you get in the Mournland, the emptiness. As he makes this connections, the rest of us do to. It’s not the same but similar. De speaks into Lucan’s head that this explains the feeling like a vampire. Lucan volunteers to step into the void. It feels cold, unnatural, like the Mournland. It does not feel natural and not like magic he is familiar with either.

IrVillene will continue to research the people who loved and worked there. De will keep his eyes/ears/mind open. She asks us to continue to search and she wants daily reports. She asks about the other two. We have not met up with them yet. She asks us to find them and tell them to report to her asap. If she gets anything she will send a courier to us. She suggests we get some sleep or whatever.

Jemma jumps onto De’s shoulders and he scratches her absentmindedly as he stares off into the space where the creature was.

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March 23, 2016

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