May 20 2015

May 20, 2015

Xuan De finds himself threatened by Lucan and his blade at a party where armor and weapons were expressly forbidden. Luckily, we were all also too cunning to go along with the “Dress code.”
Bree had a servant switch out her suit of armor and blade for a statue’s in the area.
Wraith always carries his psych blade. He also sneaked in a majority of stuff on his personage. He carefully hid his dagger and leaf blades in his dress and had his thief tools in pocket bag/handbag
Xuan-De’s weapon is his mind. He also upgraded his staff to a fancy walking stick with small mace head which he presented as part of his costume.
Cord’s weapon is attached to his arm. During the party he used it as his waiting hand so it was covered at all times. Before the party he had also spoken with his diplomatic contact to allow him to bring his armor is among the dining equipment
Jemma hid her armor under her clothes and also disguised her spear as part of her costume. She used her talent of misdirection to keep her bow hidden but close.

When Lucan pulled his blade, people around Lucan started screaming, which caught the attention of the guards and other patrons. One guard saw Lucan’s weapon drawn and drew his weapon. Another man, not a guard but someone involved, yelled out to the crowd, “the target is in the open, take him down.” The presumably masked agent’s gloves were weighted. He attacked and grazed Lucan.
Jemma moved in closer and called out to De: “friend or foe?” De called back that the masked man is friend and Lucan is foe. De mentally shouted to his allies to focus on Lucan as he is the most dangerous. Lucan waved sword at the masked agent & Jemmabeth. A pulse of magic cane from it which left them both confused..
An Embassy guard attacked Jemmabeth, unsure where the threat lie. A woman in the crown, Meena, called out “Make sure Stellos doesn’t escape.” She proceeded to make arcane movements, then a green web shot towards Lucan and one of the guards. The web smelled of ozone and stuck them both in place. Wraith ran off away from the melee and closer to Meena. Cord looked at ir’Krell. She was not doing anything but looked upset, like this was not supposed to happen the way it did. Cord moved cautiously closed to the fighting, like a curious onlooker wanting to know what was going on. Bree also stood back to watch Meena

Grilsha walked down and yelled to brother before starting to chant. A ball of fire engulfed a scroll she held and a glimmer surrounded Lucan.

That’s when the team realized there were several factions at work.

Lucan’s wounds healed. Wraith went after Meena and captured her. She asked him what he was doing there. He answered that Lucan belonged to Breeland. She claimed him for Audair and slipped away.

The team realized that there were too many players involved and decided to retreat to see what happened. We all managed to escape, using our various skills to slip away from the crowd to find areas where we could observe the various factions undetected.

De watched Meena, looking for clues as to who she is and he noticed some tells: She was raised to the job of a cloak and dagger spook but maintains a high place in society. She is comfortable in power and has been in it awhile. Her agents are trained together, not guards thrown together. As De observed her, Meena worked to limit the chaos and stop the guards and agents from fighting.

Bree rode her Corgi out of the fighting and took Cillian for a round outside to find entrances/exits we might have missed. She identified all the exits but there are a lot not including windows. She let everyone know with De acting as a switchboard communication
Jemma tried to follow Grilsha. She blended into the crowd and was able to spot Grilsha. Grilsha did not follow the crowd but headed towards the east. Jemma did not see Lucan.
Cord acted like a guard to sneak away and check out the back areas. Unfortunately, the guards started moving towards him with hands on weapons. He turned and left to find a new disguise
Wraith changed faces as he went through crowd, continuing to follow Grilsha. She appeared distraught and in a hurry so it was not complicated to follow her. Wraith communicated his whereabouts to the team through De. .

Grilsha ducked into a B&B for a moment and came out with a leather pouch. It looked like it had a seal on it. Grilsha ran for the transportation district. Wraith followed her, giving directions to the team. He asked Bree and Cord to come to him and for De and Jemma to check out the B&B. Grilsha ran to the airship docks. She met a figure in the shadows, probably Lucan. He took the ouch and flipped through it to pull out a piece of parchment. He took the paper and headed into docking tower. Wraith moved in to intercept and notified the team. There was only one air ship docked at that tower.

Wraith climbed the stairs and got onto the dock to find crew members taking on eh last of the cargo with an overseer: officer. There was no sign of Grilsha or Lucan. They had likely gotten on the ship.

These airships are made of solar wood powered by dragon shard rings that are bonded with an elemental (fire or air). There is a control room. the elemental steering is mechanical but power force is elemental. The best way to stop is to free elemental but not the bet course of action because it will disrupt the elemental and will keep it from leaving immediately. Wraith tried to bluster a way to stop the ship by talking to the captain and letting Bree pass to try to stop the ship from taking off so De and Jemma can catch up. The officer on the dock doesn’t care when Wraith shares that Lucan and Grilsha are criminals and will not let him on without paying passage. The next stop is in three days in Bathenthron in Breeland. She told Wraith the fair was 30 g a piece for the three that are there so Wraith uses a promissory note for 90 g.

De and Jemma walked in to the B&B but did not find anyone around. They looked for Lucan and Grilsha’s rooms to see if there were any possessions left behind. They found the innkeeper in the kitchen: not breathing. He was very very dead. His shirt was blood soaked and his throat torn open by human teeth; however, with the extend of the damages there should have been more blood. De shared this information mentally with the team.

The team is now separated, three members about to embark on a three day journey with a creature that can rip a man’s throat out with its teeth while leaving surprisingly less blood then one would expect and the other two are several moments away, exploring the empty B&B.

What will they do now?

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May 20 2015

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