May 24, 2017

Jemma attacks the Warforged Titan 1st. in her red panda/owlbear tiger form she goes nuts and shreds the warforged. She notices it is heavily armored and will take a lot of effort.
Cord attacks with a steam blast and hits it. He pushes it and it hits a pillar. Some dust/rock falls but no significant damage. Warforged is staggered. He hits Jemma. Lucan jumps us and brings the pillar down on top of the warforged. He damages the warforged and stands on top of him as De attacks. De also does some pretty extensive damage.
Jemma attacks and scratches his armor. Cord misses and the warforged attacks all. He punted Cord through the doors and kicked everyone else out of the room (except De). He kicked the pillars and De dives out of the way. He is prone. All of the pillars fell.
Wraith attacks but the wall crumbled out from under him. As De rolls out of the way of the wall, he sees Wraith’s sword coming and continues rolling. Wraith nicks his ear and the falls of the wall, taking minimal damage.
Lucan runs back in and ducks under the warforged’s torso and shoves his sword into its head, bringing it down on him. Lucan rolls out of the way just in time. Once the dust clears he is back sitting on top of the Warforged.
Short rest

There is a set of stairs going down in central keep. Lucan smells industrial smells; magic and artifice. We check out the other rooms and there is not much there. We signal our allies to set up a defense up top as we head downstairs. It looks like the deliberately left the top decrepit and underdeveloped. No indication that there is anyone else around on top. De pulls a piece of armor off the Titan, about the size of a dinner plate. A piece that Jemma had shredded through.

We light flares and about 10 min later we see the airship boats coming down. The Marines land and they are making a perimeter. Definitely not attempting stealth anymore. Sargent Strike comes up to Lucan and comments on our work. They can hold the top. They will come down as a second wave. act as clean up and watch our backs. 1st squad will stay on top. 2nd squad will follow 5 minutes after us.
Jemma turns into a rat and heads down the stairs. Jemma goes down two stories and it looks like its all dark. Looks like there are alchemical lights on the pillars but not much down here. Jemma can tell there were people here recently but there is no one here. Jemma mentally calls to De to let him know the room is clear. Room looks like it was a last gate to keep something out, looks like a form of hobgoblin, but the circle is broken. Cord attempts to read the symbols as he knows goblin. He is convinced that this was just a heraldry, not a magical thing at all. Jemma insists it was a protective circle meant to keep something out. De thinks the ritual aspect was not an original aspect of this room. The pillars and tiles and stuff on the ground look like they were changed after the fact. The tiles were replaced and the pillars were inscribed. Cord is familiar with the fact that the hobgoblin empire was brought down by an extra-planar force and he suspects this is part of the defenses raised by the hobgoblins after that. He thinks it might have something to do with the magical weirdness in the area.
Jemma sees a hole. She peeks down and sees it goes down quite a ways. She can’t tell what its for but it is fairly large (6’). Cord and De walking toward the hole and they look at the alchemical lights. They recognize these are House Cannith, most likely not something they have sold/given away. This is House Cannith.
Lucan looks with his vampire eyes and sees nothing. De throws one of the alchemical lights to Lucan, asking him to hold for a moment. He goes into serenity and nods to Lucan to throw the ball of light, expanding his vision and using his 3rd eye to follow the sphere down the hole. This thing goes down very far, likely to Khyber. Not sure if the light goes out because it hits the bottom, if something is blocking it, or what. De sees that the 1st few hundred feet is smooth like the floor, the next hundred feet are also brick but not as smooth. Starting to look more natural. Cord writes a note for the soldiers telling them not to step in the hole right next to the hole.

Jemma continues down a ceremonial hallway that used to be gated but the gate was recently removed. Hallway contains alcoves with stone statues of hobgoblins. Bronze or copper plagues with faded inscriptions. Look like a ceremonial thing. Dust and dirt on floor definitely disturbed but does not sense any traps. There are no traps but there is an indication that it is being magically monitored, like a magical trip line. I can smell it but not necessarily tell what it does. I think the hallway is being monitored. She scampers down the hall to the right and discovers some kind of memorial. Looks important/ceremonial. Go down the left gall to find a room similar to the first with stagnant water in areas.

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May 24, 2017

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