May 31, 2017

As Jemma scouts, Cord looks at the ward and thinks that there is a certain order of tiles they can walk on and it will not trigger the scry. They move forward. Lucan tries to read the inscription but its old and worn out. He could take it back and figure it out but we don’t have that kind time.

Jemma asks them not to cross the lines of the octogram. Cord and De examine the lines/symbols in the room. Cord doesn’t see any active magic. There are residual energies that indicate it used to be part of something, but it isn’t any longer. Lucan goes to the center and examines. Looks to be decorative. Not part of the ritual.

De picks up Jemma and offers her a morsel of food. She glares at him: she’s not actually a rat, but takes the food. Then poops in his hand.

Lucan and De take off down the corridors. Scion outruns the vampire to the end of the corridor. De used mind tricks. They go into the little rooms to examine. Looks empty but looks like it has been emptied recently: disturbed dust on the ground. De tries to sense the emotions of the room. He senses boredom: like someone was doing something routine.

De, Cord and Jemma take the three exits from the room. Wraith follows JemmaBeth. Cord and De uncover a mysterious person and more warforged. The person pulls out a pocket watch and says something about us being later than he expected. De says something about the big man upstairs and Jemma warns him not to assume he knows who we are. The stranger acknowledges that we have done a number on his people. He says he doesn’t know who we are or who we work for but he is authorized to give us an offer. We walk away unharmed and tell our employers that there was nothing there and we will be compensated. Money is not our only option.

Jemma the rat gives Wraith a look. He picks her up and throws her at the mysterious man. At the same time De realizes that you can’t sense this guy at all, and he’s not actually here: it’s an illusion. The rat flies right through the body. She lands in the water.

He says a simple no would have sufficed, but we can’t say he didn’t offer us a reasonable reward. He disappears.
As Jemma runs in Tiger aspect towards one of the warforged, she sees more people. Jemma crits on the warforged and takes it down, Tiger style. Jemma looks at the people coming out: She can tell something is wrong. They look dead, but they are still breathing and have heat signatures. Look almost like they were eaten away from the inside. Jemma is attacked, but they miss. One of them falls and trips the other.
Fight ensues and there is much chaos. Lucan did drain one of the warforged without killing him/her so we can take him/her back with us.

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May 31, 2017

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