May 4, 2016

Cord went with Winsome to get set up and then we went to the morgue to meet with the wizard who was going to perform “Speak with dead.”
Morgue is in upper city in Daggerwatch near the garrison.

There are a lot more guards (four) then usual and they are being pretty vigilant. Lucan introduces that we were requested to come by Alistair. Wraith is in his Shield persona. The guards have been informed of their arrival but have to confirm their identity. We share our names. He leads us upstairs and shares news. Sounds like a couple of people tried to break into the Morgue. Takes us to a room in the tower and waves us in. We open a heavy solid iron door. We see someone familiar to Lucan, Jemma and De: it’s the same exhausted wizard we met last night: Ellisar Irithyl. Jemma asks if he is up for this. He is not but he is the only person with clearance to be in the room when we ask our questions. There are other Wands who can do the spell but they are trying to keep the number of involved participants to a minimum. He asks for coffee and offers us seats as he finishes preparation. Lucan went for coffee. He gulps it down and goes about his work, obviously not looking forward to the job. He is ready to go and asks who we would like to talk to first.
Mostly human with everything else thrown in. 60/40 male. Twelve victims. Three in back are attackers. youngest are teenagers: 15-16.

Should be able to ask approx. 3 questions each and should be able to get to all the people there. The more body available the easier to cast the spell but the more likely it will go awry.

Two male attackers; one female. Female elderly human. No full elves among attackers. One human male and one elderly Halfling.
Wraith has dealt with people who have had this spell used before. Answers will be short: one sentence.

Questions: what do you remember from before the attacks? Do you remember the attacks and what happened?

Wraith looks at the attackers and they look like someone who has been beaten to death. Some defensive wounds. The victims looks like they have been beaten to death by an ogre. More violent and aggressive. Wounds do not look like what the bodies of the attackers are capable of. Wraith shares his observations with the group. Ellisar agrees and pints out how swollen the attackers’ hands are. It looks like they broke their hands. Strength/brutality beyond the ability of the attackers. Indications of tendon damage and bruising all up arms of attackers. One has actually dislocated his shoulder.
Don’t cross the circle.

What do you remember of the attacks last night?
I remember sleeping then I remember not being me. I remember being me and something else. Remember memories, sensations not my own. Nothing out of the ordinary before he slept.
Glow from eyes disappears.

Sounds like possession. Reinforces theory of bringing something from another plane.

De takes lead with victim. How were attackers acting? Any changes in outward appearance of attackers?

De looks for one of the more beaten up victims: a half elf woman in her 40s. Do you know what killed you? I was attacked. Did they thing that attack you look strange? It was her brother. Did he look like himself? Yes. Did he move differently? He was angrier than I have ever seen him before.
Talk to someone who was near the broken device. We ask the magician if there was anyone near the broken device. He thinks he heard someone talking about someone being almost whining arms reach of the device. He can postpone the questioning until we find out,
We decide to question one more of the attackers. We question the woman.

Did the presence come with any emotions or feelings? It felt wrong/inhuman. Were you aware of coldness or hollowness? I felt hollow and then something else filled me up. Did you notice anyone that did not belong: no. Was there anyone calm? No.

We ask the mage if he has noticed any residual magic on the bodies. Its hard to say. There is something but cannot tell if it’s a result of the device or something else. Its muddled. His exhaustion might not be helping. He might be able to do better with rest. How long can we question the bodies? Up to four weeks because he has prepared a ritual that will anchor them. Jemma offers coffee beverage of choice and pastry at next meeting to Ellisar. He ushers us outside so he can reseal door.

Meet tomorrow an hour before noon. We send him to Allister to pass information to us.

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May 4, 2016

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