May 6th 2015

May 6, 2015

We arrive at Trolanport the next evening, a full day behind our adversaries. We arrived at the Bloody Badger as evening falls. The inn is mid to low class, though not as bad as the docks. Its a quiet crowd, working class folks, mostly gnomes but with a fair mix of other races. Jemma recognizes someone she knows, an acquaintance from long ago, named Aribel Zwindig, but she doesn’t approach as the rest of the gang wants to keep to themselves. We sit and order beer and a spicy fish stew that pairs well with the beer. The inn keeper does not plan well for Pixie appetites and produces a full size bowl of soup and mug of beer for Bree. Cillian gets very excited as he is led to the stables by a young man. Jemma attempts to reach out to him to confirm there is no danger, but he is just excited about all the newness. Cord graciously offers the pay the 1g for dinner and the evenings lodgings. He also sets on the table the symbol that will alert our handler of our presence

As the party sits to eat, a mysterious Gnome comes to sit with us. Jemma’s attempts at friendship are rebuffed; he doesn’t want to trade names, for fear of discovery. Wraith describes the people we are seeking, asking the gnome to search for information regarding Lucan and Grelsha. The group asks if he has seen/heard anything unusual or interesting. He has not heard of anything. Additionally we asked him to seek Krell. The contact promises to return the next night with information. If the situation is too hot, he will leave a red sealed letter for us with the information.

The group goes there separate ways, Bree and De to crash in their respective bunks. Cord decides to do the same. Wraith goes out to play with Cillian. Jemma decides to reach out to the fellow Gnome she once knew (Aribel). They discuss where they are in their lives and that Aribel is just passing through on company/family business. She does share that there were a number of parties going on in the next few days, including the Aundarian Ambassador who is giving a lavish exclusive party in two days.

The next morning finds everyone downstairs. Most, except Bree, none the worst for ware. De decides to mentally tease her for her overindulgence and gets a little too close, sharing her suffering. Jemma shares what she learned from Aribel. Cord had some knowledge in regards to this ambassador and managed to put together that “Krell” is the Aundarian ambassador to Zilargo, Neya ir’Krell. He has never met her but knows this ambassador has been stationed in the area for awhile.

It was decided we would make various attempts at entry into the party. Cord decides to flex some diplomatic muscle, using his relationship with Bree to gain entry, although not in any official capacity. Xuan-de decides that he is going to try to get a job as a porter for the party, but something about his mannerisms puts off the potential employers and they decline his inquiry. Wraith searches Trolanport for people invited to the party. Finding potential marks at a local hunting organization, Wraith decides to follow a group of local ladies to a high-end dress shop where she subtly poisons one of the ladies. Planning to infiltrate the party under the guise of this woman, Wraith swipes the invitation under the guise of Ellisar Irithyl, a servant of the lady. Bree finds where the musicians are hanging out after their jobs and gets in as entertainment for the party. While interacting with this group she learns that the entertainers are all agents of the House of Thuranni. This is problematic for the team as they are masters of espionage. And Ambassador ir’Krell most likely knows it. Jemmabeth talks to some of her colleagues and is able to gain an invitation; though she could not prevent a particular blabber-mouth from overhearing the conversation. By the end of the day, rumors are flying that someone will attempt to crash the party that night.

De, unable to obtain an invitation to the party, decides to spend his time moving around upper class bars looking for information, and someone with the curious double-mind he encountered with Lucan previously. He is not particularly successful. He does learn that Lucan has been in Trolenport before, in an official capacity, and several people know him as an agent of the King’s Swords. There is a rumor that he was seen entering the city by the North gate, riding Phantom steeds.

When the group returns from obtaining their various invitations, they find a packet from their informant waiting for them. The informant found pretty much the same information as they had, with the following additions: the party is a masquerade ball and attendance is by invitation, very exclusive invitation, only; the regular party-going crowd has not been invited and the dress code is very strict: there will be no weapons or armor allowed. The estate is not large, though the house itself is a good size, and is completely walled. There is also an invitation, which allows Xuan-de access to the party with the group. Bree also shares what she learned about House Thuranni entertaining the guests.

The party spends a pretty gold coin, or 12, on their attire for the evening and makes its way to the party. They take up their places, mingling with the crowd to see who they can see and learn what they can learn. Cord meets an associate (NPC) named Daen Zenden (Main Diplomatic Connection to Aundair) and they discuss the state of their various lives. Daen suggests that Cord switch to serving drinks to get a better view of the crowd. He also points out Neya ir’Krell about the same time that Jemma discovers her identity. They both start to mingle around their hostess where they catch her dancing with one someone who seems vaguely familiar. Bree mentally calls Xuan-de to have him perform a mental scan to see if he can detect the dual persona he had noticed previously with Lucan. He has been unsuccessful so far, but now that he has a target he is able to detect the same mentality. Unfortunately, when Xuan-de pressed into this persons mind, he was also discovered.

Lucan pushed De towards the stairs and asks probing questions. De tries to deflect, but has no option other than to confess that he also works for Breeland, as Lucan used to do. He reaches out mentally to let the rest of the group know he has found Lucan. Again, Lucan somehow knows what De has done and makes statement about De not being alone. Lucan confesses that he did not choose the path he is on; however, there is no way for him to turn from it. De and Lucan converse on how to prevent Grelsha from getting hurt. Lucan expresses that her mind will not be changed and there is no way to protect her. De pushes Lucan further, asking if his mind is his own. This apparently is too much for Lucan, who draws a black blade from his glove.

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