Morgrave University

Morgrave University is not the most reputable institution in Khorvaire. It lacks the resources of the Library of Korranberg or Wynarn University, and many claim that its archaeological activities are infested with smugglers and treasure hunters. While the university lacks the clout of its peers in Korranberg and Aundair, it is much more accessible to young adventurers who have yet to build a reputation.

In the past, most nobles were educated in the colleges of Zilargo or Aundair. When Lord Lareth ir’Morgrave established his university in the city of Sharn two hundred sixty years ago, he claimed it would be “a beacon of knowledge shining from the tallest towers of the city, illuminating the forgotten secrets of the past.” While many city elders applauded Morgrave’s work, he had his enemies. Morgrave was said to have made his fortune selling Dhakaani artifacts on the black market, and some claimed that the true purpose of the university was to assist him in his treasure hunting. Suspicions aside, Sharn’s proximity to Xen’drik has made Morgrave University a nexus for scholars wishing to study the secret continent.

The Master of Morgrave University is the oldest heir of the Morgrave line. Currently the university head is Larrian ir’Morgrave, a scholar who has spent decades studying the civilizations of ancient Xen’drik .

Morgrave University struggles to establish its academic reputation, and the sages and scholars on the faculty always watch for an opportunity to prove themselves. That said, Morgrave’s reputation for corruption is well Sharn, the City of Towers, is the home of Morgrave University deserved. Many priceless relics recovered from Xen’drik or Dhakaani ruins have been “stolen” from the university vaults, only to find their way to the black market or into the hands of The Aurum. Master Larrian has vowed to put an end to these acts of smuggling and profiteering, but so far he has done little to back up his promises.

Some people at the university do have ties to smugglers and thieves, but many of the Morgrave scholars truly believe in their work. A few of them have connections with the Library of Korranberg, the Wayfinder Foundation, and the Twelve. Obviously these ties are not strong enough to get the one of them a post at a more prestigious institution, but an adventurer might be able to get a letter of introduction from one of the Morgrave sages.

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Morgrave University

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