Sample Mounts.

Riding Horse
Large Level 2 Mount (Beast)
AC 18
PD 16 HP 75
MD 12
Panicked Swerve – As an immediate reaction after being hit by a melee attack, you may pop free from an engaged enemy. After being critically hit, you must pop free. If you pop free, you take half damage from the triggering attack.

Large Level 3 Mount (Beast)
AC 19
PD 17 HP 94
MD 13
Overrun – 8 vs PD, 3d6+4 damage. You must move before using this attack and this may only be used against normal sized creatures or smaller.
Combat Trained – A Warhorse takes normal critical hit damage.

Magebred Horse
Large Level 3 Mount (Beast)
AC 19
PD 16 HP 85
MD 14
Disciplined – When rolling a save after a natural 1-5 miss or after being staggered, add +2 to the saving throw.

Level 3 Mount (Beast)

Level 2 Mount (Beast)
AC 18
PD 17 HP 65
MD 12
Flyer – The Glidewing can fly and is not affected by obstacles or hazards on the ground, but (generally) cannot fly indoors.
Dive Bomb – If the Glidewing moves before the rider attacks, both ranged and melee attacks add an additional die of damage (or add their level, in the case of NPCs)

Level 2 Mount (Beast)

Valenaran Strider
Level 4 Mount (Beast)

Phantasmal Steed
Level 3 Mount (Construct)

Skeleton Horse
Level 2 Mount (Undead)

Magebred Riding Corgi
Level 2 Mount (Beast)
AC 17
PD 16 HP 65
MD 13
Nip At the Heels +7 vs AC – 2d6 damage and the target is at a -1 on all defenses until the start of their next turn.

Mount Rules

  • Mounts have 4 Recoveries and their recovery roll is d8 per level. Magebred mounts add their level to the roll.
  • Mounts cost 1 gp per day in upkeep (food, water, treats, lodging). Mounts who don’t have the upkeep paid lose -15 HP per day from their maximum and die if they reach zero.
  • Light Barding adds +1 to a mount’s AC. Heavy Barding adds +1 to a mount’s AC and PD. Magical Barding adds an additional +1 to AC per tier.
  • There are barding-specific magical enchantments available (but I’m not writing them until we need them, if we ever need them)

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