This are some of the areas and unique places in the Northedge area of Sharn

Upper Northedge

Shae Lias – Elf neighborhood
+ The Gates of Passage
+ The House of Repose
+ The Oaks
+ Nightshade
+ The Silver Bough
+ The Winding Root
+ The Veil of Flesh
Crystal Bridge – Wealthy residential
+ Haras Kant
+ Ilia Merith
Oak Towers – Wealthy residential
+ Stormwind Keep

Middle Northedge

Holdfast – Dwarf neighborhood
High Hope – Temple district
+ Coldflame Keep
+ Daca’s Watch
Oakbridge – Average residential
+ Bright Wind

Lower Northedge

North Market – Marketplace
+ The Shrine of Fathen the Martyr
+ The Bear’s Rest
+ The Horse & Hearth
+ The Rat’s Nest
Stoneyard – Apartment townhomes
Longstairs – Apartment townhomes

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