November 18, 2015

Cord wakes to a knock on a door. Ignores it but finds a mechanical bird in his room, summoning him to visit friend Beren Lonn in his workshop. Goes to visit Beren in workshop, covering arm as he leaves.

Wraith went to speak to his personal contacts: rat Catcher Winsome. Meets him in Fallin to find out more about the items that Lucian stole. Wraith finds him in a shack. Nothing special about the items. Mentions a gang in the area with ties to the Emerald Claw/Blood of Vol. Dawn Brothers. Cannoth has been doing weird things. Setting up show in lower wards secretly.

One of Varania’s men were killed by the Dawn Brothers. Pearl had sent note to De to inquire as to what the Blood of Vol is doing in the Deeps and to help her and meet her in a the Flying Crane Tavern. De detours from meeting with Sightless Eye.

What do you know about the Blood of Vol? Explains what is happening with Varania and the Dawn Brothers. De has heard about them but not much. Varania’s assistant came back without eyes and tongue. Discuss finding Cord to have him come along. Doesn’t know where Jemma is and not sure how to find Wraith. Pearl will look for Wraith and De will look for Cord.

Cord arrives at Beren’s workshop. What do you need? Heard disturbing things to pass on to employer. Heard Cannath has set up research facility/shops in lower wards. Trying to keep secret. Investigate secretly/carefully. They do not want their secrets getting out. People disappearing. Heard they were working with House Medani and The Aurum. Money. Organized crime? Delru Smyth is working with Cannath. Beren and Cord discuss arranging a meeting with Delru to discuss what she is doing, maybe warn her. Beren mentions that they need to report to him on their projects.

Caleb asks Jemma is she is ready for Droom which is full of monsters and might not be happy about us traveling in the area. Especially the harpies. They don’t like people in their airspace. Going north or south will take too long. Can’t disguise the ship. I suggest bribery and I can disguise myself as a harpy. We don’t know why they are there. Not much there but ruins. Disease must be powerful for their magic to overcome. Hopefully they are still alive. Maybe we can ask them when they get there. Start getting the shop packed.

Discuss the situation with the Druidic sects. Some have set up shop in the Dustwood in Aundaire. Head west to the Byeshk Mountains. See various flying monsters that can threaten the ship, but none approach. Even the Harpies are more interested in something else. After 4 days of travel get to Suthar Draal.

Very old ruins. Some of it has been makeshift repairs. No airship tower but we are anchored and lower a rope ladder. See Branches in roof and makeshift shack. 30-40 rocs/half orc with occasional human and half human. Everyone definitely ill. Greeted by large Orc in mud-spattered robes. Some of us alive. Magic’s ineffective, not normal illness. Worried about world. Already half their numbers gone. Be careful with what we eat/drink/breathe and stay on airship as much as possible. Lower by rope and they will distribute. Noticed that he stayed 10-15 feet away. Stepped away whenever I tried to approach. Herbal lore and magic has done little to affect disease. Kills within days. Nose bleed, ear bleed, and every other place they can bleed. Drown in own blood. Pain is crippling. Do not know who/where this disease originated. Had to leave the marshes to get away from friends/family and cane here to gather. Did not get the disease here but came here to get away from family.

Lived between Goldmore and the deep wood. Ran into patrols and ended up here to avoid. Not everyone from village has been infected. Only the original 70 have joined them so they think it maybe only them. Wizard Mordaine? Elven Wizard moved to Droaam after being caught conducting unsavory experiments in Audaire. Accommodation between Hags and Mordaine. Fleshcrafter. Master of Life. Might be his creation. Has no proof of accusation but the wind/earth tells him that he is right. Cannot ask you to confront this elf. Beg not to do so. Lives in the South near Blackwater Lake in the borders between Marches and Droaam.

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November 18, 2015

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