November 4, 2015

Cord continues contact with Channa Toppe by building her a case for her tools. Spends time in archeology digs and talking to friends in Zilargo to become better artificer. Comes back from university to see his father in his room. Finds room a disaster. Cord states that he has not been home. Father states that he heard cord was not in Sharn. He asks if he has been studying. Cord spins it as learning abroad with Channa Tope. Father invites Cord to spend time with family at dinner. Mother not doing well. Mother does not know about arm. Cord dresses nicely along with cloak to hide arm.

Caleb comes and asks me to join him on a little adventure to The Eldeen Reaches to pick up meds and deliver to Orcs in Suthar Draal. We take his ship and land in Delethorn. We meet Rose Longbottom. Gives me a big hug and takes me. Little bird told her that I was coming. What brings me here? Caleb hints and stuff, waiting for us to ask.

She is doing as well as can be expected. I have been up to stuff and things. Stop by and have dinner. Much better than Caleb has planned. We go to her house. Caleb has to unload some things and has some time. Rose lives a day away: edge of forest. Lives in a hollowed hill. Not much has changed.

De checks in on Evan and his shop. Carving into the counter top with his knife: bored. Panic, happiness at having De back. Nonchalantly covering counter top. Party that was kinda fun. Lively embassy party. Didn’t get to eat. Met colleague and had to help out of town. Kinda slow in the store. Did he go to events to drum up visits? Every day!! (Lying). De says he will have to attend some parties. Rifles to office to look for “books.” Evan wants to follow but goes back to counter top with loud, obnoxious sigh. Office is in same shape as left: Evan hasn’t even been in there. Ledger has a few entries but not many. De goes out to check social chatter. As leaving “name look better in italics.” Evan drops knife.

Pearl goes to talk to Sam in Tumbledown. Not worst part of town but not good. Goes mid-afternoon when there aren’t that many customers. “Sam, Sam.” hear swearing from Kitchen. Balding man in well-worn but clean clothes comes out and with effort puts smile on face. “How’s business?” doing ok. A little slow ATM. “How’s hobby?” Watch has been watching. Someone talked. Keeping it a little under the radar atm. She is looking for info. Asks about the undead in Sterngate. Watch has been cracking down. If you find work for me, let me know.

Cord going to Gnome fellow. Brion Fizgig . Modest/fancy boutique shop/eatery. In Denivas. Mother pale and thin, leaning on father. Brion welcomes and brings to regular table. Introduces mother (Lydia) and father Elric Faldren II. Brings them to warm comfy table near fire. Brings nice red wine compliments of the house. Good vintage out of Aundair. Cord pours with good hand. Cord gages Father’s approval. He is not impressed at first until tastes wine. Asks to see bottle. Places bottle down and nods lightly. Cord talks to mother. Coming to see someone in Sharn “as a precaution”. Mother asks about trip to Sterngate. Mother asks about relationships. No relationships. Focused on studying. Mother encourages him to be more social. Angels for grandchildren. Brion brings menu after wide hint. Small selection but all exquisite. Lists specials and father is very approving. Mother says she is not hungry. Cord watches father’s reaction: protective and insisting she eat/drink but not too much wine. Father and Cord discuss how Cord is spending his time until Cord offers to take him to the shop. Father asks how much $$ if his father’s money he is spending, Brion confirms that they pay him for art and give him food. Mother eats: enjoys Goblin cuisine. Takes parents back to Inn in Uptowers.

Jemma has mushroom venison stew with Rose, some of the best she has ever had. Up to work and at the university learning new things. Rose is proud that I take time to learn at the University. Rose brings up Daisy. She has not heard from her in a while either. Rose has invited her to visit but she refuses. Jemma offers to bring Daisy up. Jemma asks Rose what she knows, and Rose refuses to share. Daisy will tell me when she is ready. War has settled down. Things in the Reaches are complex. How much do you know about the sects? Wardens of the Wood are governing body. Not everyone know they are druid. Others have been extreme and have taken end of war as opportunity to push agenda. Ashbound worst. Children of Winter. Jemma has heard names in passing but doesn’t know much more. Seeing confusion, Rose explains. Ashbound consider all magic not druidic to be unnatural. Even farming/ranching outside natural balance, causing problems. Most of Reaches is the Wood but there are others and the Ashbound have been alienating them. There have been attacks. Children of Winter think they are all that is holy, think that everything needs to die to bring forth new spring and will go to any lengths to let this happen. Permitted in Greenheart and certain areas but the issue is growing. Wardens do not have numbers to police Wood. Olean is the great Pine who awakened and is a thinking creature, leader of druids, Olean preaches neutrality. If their ideas re correct, nature will follow through. Wardens are not as neutral but do not have the resources. Ashbound acting in Aundair, where there is a strong tradition of magic, also working in Breland. Green Seekers have no interests outside of wood. Gate Keepers have their own issues and do not have similar interests to the rest of the world. Only Wardens are making significant effort. Would Wardens be interested in talking to others outside the wood for help? What did I have in mind? I will speak to some of our friends. And what is Caleb doing? He is stuck into himself and doesn’t come out as much. We are working on this trait. I will talk to Caleb to see what he knows about what is going on. Go to Greenheart to talk to Wardens, Rose will help as much as she can. It worries her. In the war, we focused on separating ourselves and protecting the Wood, but fears that infighting will make us easy prey for Aundair to take over, especially if the Ashbound are hunting Aundairians,

De goes to visit his upper/middle class bars for word around town for upcoming parties, etc. (gossip). Weather is cool but it’s starting to hear towards spring, there are a few small parties but no bigger shindigs for a few weeks, while; they are small, there are people out to make a splash to be invited to a bigger party. Meet a high Elf named: Phyrra Vandiir who is new to Sharn and wants to be part of the scene. He talks her into buying a cat: magically bred and intelligent. Drapes shoulder without affecting dress. Comes and goes but affectionate. Furry is shining and glimmers between colors and can do tricks. She likes, and offers “very reasonable” sum for it.

De goes to meeting place for Sightless Eye in town. Heads in that direction and looks up old teacher/tutor.

Pearl goes to see c. On the way she listens up for rumors as to why Watch is active. Rumors: One of king’s sons coming to visit, and that a group called the Dawn Brothers acting up in the Cogs causing a lot of trouble

Varania has a shop in Fallin. She lives in a bad neighborhood/slum. Her shop is doing ok because people who cross her do not come out of the shop. Pearl cautiously opens the door. Varania keeps a venom tipped crossbow under the counter, Pearl knocks and enters. It is later afternoon, looks for favorite step stool. How’s business. Good. Always demand. Haven’t had to kill anyone in 3 weeks, Watch is looking for someone/something but will not name names. Dawn Brothers: thugs with a taste for luxury. Fanatics. Last people she killed were Dawn Brothers. Well, she poisoned them but thought she saw a few of them last week. Pearl offers to help with issue. What kind of wares do you have? Greenthorn, she has some. Varania offers to give Pearl a deal to have her look into the Dawn Brothers issue, come back in a few days and she will have Greenthorn and info. Suggests that she not do this alone.

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November 4, 2015

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