Party Items

Does the party have items? Yes? Then you should list them here. Mundane items. Magic items. Consumable items. Money. Temporary items on loan from the King’s Citadel for a mission. List everything you have here. Both your individual items as well as the items the group collectively has.

False Traveling Papers (1 per person)
150 gold, 200 silver (5 pouches – 30gp, 40 silver each)
House Kundarak Letter of Credit (1000 gold)
Healing Potions (4)
Lockburst Powder (2)
Potion of Spiderclimb (1)
Scroll of Alarm (1)
Scroll of Light (1)
Bottle of Smoke (1)
Lens of Reading (1)
Rope of Entanglement (50 ft)

Xuan-de’s Items

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Party Items

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