Across Eberron there are a number of faiths and religions. What sets Eberron apart is that the gods are distant and uninvolved in the affairs of the world, leading some to believe that the gods do not exist. The fact that people with powerful enough beliefs in abstract concepts can develop similar powers to those of followers of the gods is one thing making the truth murky. Some religions and faiths have beings of great power closer to home, but this does not necessarily prove their divinity as there are many creatures in the universe which can claim enormous power without necessarily being a god.

However, whatever the truth may be has not stopped religion and faith from spreading across the world and there are at least as many arguments that the gods are real as there are that they are not. There are, roughly, ten major faiths in Eberron though there are potentially countless numbers of smaller beliefs or clerics of nothing but a powerfully held concept.

The Sovereign Host
The Dark Six
The Silver Flame
The Blood of Vol
Cults of the Dragon Below
Lord of Blades
The Becoming God
The Path of Light
The Undying Court
Druidic sects
Path of Inspiration

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