Sarlona is a continent to the East of Khorvaire. It is the cradle of human civilization as it was once the only continent featuring the presence of the human race. Sarlona is home to both humans and kalashtar.

Sarlona lies opposite Khorvaire and north of Argonnessen. It stretches from southern tropics to northern tundras and includes a number of inland lakes that are large enough to support navies and maritime trade. It has seas on all fronts: the Sea of Rage to the West, the White Sea to the North and the Barren Sea to the South-East. Sarlona is larger than Khorvaire, it’s Northern apex in the Tashana Tundra measured down to its Southern antapex in Adar is roughly over 3300 miles.

Most forms of geography can be found in Sarlona from the Tashana Tundra to the plains of Syrkarn to the mountains of Adar and to the desert of Riedra. The weather in Sarlona is more unpredictable and harsher than that of Khorvaire’s with many storms of which most are focused in Adar. Sarlona has frequent and unexplainable planar effects unlike any other continent in Eberron. It is frequently the host to extraplanar breaches, manifest zones and reality storms that affect the landscape and physics of the land.

The nations of Sarlona are fractious and very different. Politics are dominated by Riedra which also takes up the bulk of the continent. They Include:
Tashana Tundra

As in Khorvaire Humans are the most prominent race; though in Riedra they are ruled by a group of totalitarian dictators known as the The Inspired and have been stripped of their culture and religion. Other humans live throughout Sarlona in tribes or as hermits and nomads.

The Inspired
The Inspired are the lords and rulers of Riedra, the Chosen vessels of the Quori, manipulators of Dal Quor who use the nation for their own purposes.

The kalashtar
The counterpoint to the Inspired, the kalashtar are voluntary vessels of Quori who know fully what they are getting into. They are usually limited to Adar if they have not already fled to Khorvaire to escape the Inspired.


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