September 7, 2016

De and Lucan are going over to Highwalls to find the place that Hazel sometimes crashes. On the way they discuss that De would like to look around the area before they barge in. This area is full pf refuges from the war. Most are Breellish but not all. Not a slum but the people are desperate and have their own set of problems. All the places they look at that might be a good place to get an unobserved look around end up not panning out. People are jammed in pretty tight. They enter an inn/tavern and talk to the proprietor to rent a room for an hour or so in order to use his 3rd eye.

Got the room and found the home of Hazel’s friend. He looked around the room and did not find any significant weapons or the like. De tells Lucan what he has found and they agree to go up and knock on the door.

The place is about 20 min away. It’s in the higher level of the lower wards and its on the 5th floor. They knock and there is no answer. De tries to listen at the door but doesn’t hear anything. Lucan pushes him aside and tries. He listens and thinks he can hear a heartbeat but its steady….they might be asleep. They knock louder. They go next door and knock. Hear someone inside yelling a wait one kind of thing. Twenty-thirty seconds later a Dwarf man opens the door and looks through the inches between the door and the door jam. We have questions. Who? One of the Swords. You will find no friends of the crown here. The dwarf closes the door.

Wraith tries to bluff his way into sneaking up to the spellcaster.
Xuan-de and Lucan arrive at Highwalls, this is a place crowded with refugees. This is not the high-class living, not quite slum level, but not far off. The inn keep charges me 5 silver to rent the room for an hour. not much information is gained from the scrying, so we take the direct approach. When we get there nobody answers the door. We try the next door down and are answered by a dwarf who hears that we are on crown business and get the door shut in our faces.

After the set backs of the Highwalls district we head to Old keep to look for the brother of the female Kalashtar. We arrive at the place that the young human is meant to be shocking up it is a rather rundown tower, possibly a warehouse in a past life. The tower barely looks to reach the middle wards. We enter through large doors that have seen better days. We can tell that this is squatters district, this place was not meant for habitation. much of the space is given over to makeshift rooms with thrown up dividers.

They learn that four or five days ago some people came to see him, I have gotten the location of the place where he stays. The kid seems to be doing well enough the last he was seen.

When they travel down to the area where we are meant to be finding the kid we find three bodies instead. Two Kalashtar and the boy, they have been flayed and dismembered and the entire sight is very messy. We decide that we want to get out and find some authorities.

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September 7, 2016

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