September 9, 2015

We chase after the other dude. Jemma is in the lead. The guy dives into maze of alleys and I can barely keep up with him. We lose him but De is able to follow a physical and psychic trail to follow. We slow to a walk to concentrate. We trail him to a small inn, smaller than the one we were in.
Cord will stay at back door to see while De hides and uses his mind powers to see what’s inside. Jemma changes into an alley cat and jumps windows to look inside. Finds window open on second floor and jumps in.

Jemma hears someone crying. Find baggage I recognize from Lucan or Grilsha head downstairs. In kitchen, find guy we were changing. He is kneeling towards the head of the table and crying. Not a lot of light. He is kneeling in some kind of dark liquid dripping from the table. Jump on the table and walk toward puddle on the table. Tell its blood. But not whose. Not his. He is whispering “she’s gone.” I share with De what he said and what I found. I continue to scout. Bottom floor is clean. Ask De if he has any suggestions as to what to do. I go up to the guy and lay mu head in his lap for petting. De suggests that he and cord come into the house to make sure I am ok. The guy looks up as De and Cord enters: no reaction to their presence. De gets him to sit in the chair. He complies with no will power. Just repeats “She’s gone.” De pokes in to see if there is anything in his mind. Someone reduced him to the level of disabled 5 yr old. He has been wiped clean. Only image in mind is Grilsha. Does not quite line up with what we know of her.

Luggage is packed with normal stuff. One of the bags is unusual: bag of holding. De realizes that the bag of holding is likely how Lucan is getting through the daytime. Some of the other items we know were stolen are in the luggage: all but the glove and sword. He is not in the bag. We recover all of the rest of the items for our employers.

De takes the captive to a place where he can be looked after. Keep captives separate at first. Return to our inn to talk to captive.

Back at the inn: inn owner comes out and sees wreckage, sighs, and finds wraith. Wraith pleads confusion, men charged us and claimed we did things though we were here all evening. Charged us. Asks for pint. She looks at Wraith, shakes head, and brings Wraith a pint and a plate of cheese and meat: Tell me what really happened.
There was no theft here. They literally walked in, stated that we did something and started attacking. She asks to check their pockets. She strips the bodies of all valuables. Asks where we are: chasing their friends. Goes to husband yelling. We walk in on the innkeepers trying to clean up/repair. Husband gives us nastiest look,

Wraith is on 2nd floor with feet dangling over side. Plate to right, pint to left. Knocked out thug is awake but ties up with something jammed into his mouth.

Jemma snags a piece of cheese. Throws sausage at Cord. Jemma laps up last of beer. Wraith tips glass for her.

Pulls cloth out of his mouth and he tries to spit at us. Fails. Wraith initiates bad cop protocol and slaps him upside the head. Tries to bite him. Cord lifts gauntlet and informs him next time it will not be with a normal hand.
Cord: why did you attack us?
You insult me. You do that to her and feign ignorance
Did what?
Killed her
Why did you think we killed her?
You were following them all day, stating you wanted to get them
Yes, we were looking for them, not to hurt them
Who: Grilsha, you saw a body? Yes. Where: inn.
Cord: we were there, there was no body.
Where is the body? I don’t know
Wraith puts hand on throat: do you know who we are? We are agents of the city of Breeland. We were securing them for the government. You are getting in the way. Do you think you’re getting out of here alive?
He believes wraith but still very angry. If that’s true, why did you kill her?
We didn’t. We’ve been here all night
You have to be, you’re the only ones that could
You don’t know: we are the only ones who have said anything/ there are others involved.
He slumps: fire goes out of eyes
Cord pushes wraith off guy. Tell us what you know
Starts to talk. Face goes from defeated to confused. Gets quiet. I don’t really remember
I remember talking to Lucan and Grilsha. Don’t remember where or what about, remember something terrible had happened and Lucan taking to us but not what he said. How can I not remember?
De can tell he has been tampered with in some way. His memories have been crudely manipulated.
De tries to help. What’s your name? Ed?? De offers to try to help. Ed apologizes for attacking. De says he can help some, though cannot fix it.
De sets up a psychic ward around them so no one else can interfere. Asks wrath to build barrier around two of them: mental barrier. Wraith creates a mental shielding around De and Ed. Asks Cord for help with something that will take/project his energy to De. Refractor. Cord can whip something up that will last a few minutes. A couple of power generators and a pyramid of different metals with a small bit of conductor. With wraiths power created directional beam. De finds a watercolor with entangled strings and unravels the strings.

De uses blood of vol, personal power of mind, to guide/aid him.
Puts the guy back together but some of the pieces are missing. Can bridge some of the gaps to connect different parts. He can be a person again. Find some of the memories from today. Some are gone, some are too dispersed. Name is Ed.
Took 1.5 hrs-ish. Closer to dawn
Suggested that we all rest
Innkeepers are not happy and husband suggested that there is no reason to go to bed. Working in kitchen. Nothing made yet, if wait awhile potential for hot breakfast.
De goes downstairs. Asks for food and apologizes. She accepts apology and the money she recovered should cover expenses. Will have to answer to militia. She offers food.

Guard comes to question us. De: we had visitors that were not happy with our existing and we got into a quarrel about it. Why did they want to kill us? Not certain. They might believe we were trying to kill someone else but we were here the entire time. They were a confused lot. They did not give us a lot of time to assess the situation

De explains that he believes there is something else working behind the situation. He explains he thinks that someone was controlling them mentally, explaining that they were muttering and not showing independent thought. They talk to each other and we hear them say they are familiar with something similar happening during the war, Cord hears them and explains that this is one of those things that defies explanation, but you have seen this before. Do we think it was dargoon? De explains that these people were following us before
De explains that we are leaving soon and did not want to cause trouble. Guard says he doesn’t want to see us here again. There is a difference between a bar fight and slaughter. De agrees and says he is an old soldier so he understands.
They ask us to disappear by sundown.
We rest for several hours. De remembers what Ed remembers as he unraveled. If any questions, can ask Ed when he wakes up
Blank spot at beginning. Something happened to Grilsha, we was threatened then she was dead, you see her on the table at the inn: bleeding from wound can’t quite see. Face and hair and blood seeping into hair. Hear Lucan from far way describing us and saying that we are responsible. Not that we killed her but that we are responsible. Feel the anger, feels manipulated, they have known these two for a day and his feelings for her have been amped up beyond what someone would feel after one day.

De’s dreams: no longer have control so can’t tell if it’s lucid but experiencing it as though he is in control. Images don’t make sense. Looking down on the world. Strange creature disturbing het familiar. Creature looks back at De and gets sense in dream that it really is looking at him.

De uses icon relationship to remember the dream. Takes a move action to focus until next full heal.
Sleep but not full rest. Wake up around 12-1. Lunch at inn. Owners back in bed. Mutton stew with bread from this morning.
Gray. Overcast. Not much wind
Run into patch of rain: for an hour
Take the other captive to safety. Church of the silver flame. Takes a little while to explain situation.
We came across some of the crew from the air ship. They quit and are walking to town. They nod and one seems pretty standoffish. Blames us for losing the job.
Jemma stopped to talk to a gang of squirrels who would not let us pass Cat calling and threatening. Shake us down for our nuts. They eventually let us pass as long as we stays away from their tree.
Cord is leading us. We thought it would take us three hours but it’s taken us longer than expected. Arrive as sun sets. There is some light coming from the fortress a mile ahead. Old and wrecked.
Cord gets +2 on next role for singing over at the Frankenstein place.

There are a few people there gathered around a bonfire.

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September 9, 2015

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