The Aurum

The Aurum, a shadowy alliance of some of the wealthiest citizens of Khorvaire, uses the power of gold and platinum to increase its influence across the continent. From its headquarters in Krona Peak in the Mror Holds, this organization espouses the lawful evil point of view and keeps its true intentions highly secret. The Aurum was born in the Mror Holds. Even before the Last War and the dwarves’ declaration of independence, various members of the powerful clans had joined together in a secret fraternity designed to increase the wealth and power of its members. With the collapse of Galifar and the rise of the dwarf nation, the members of the Aurum began to look beyond the Ironroot Mountains. Guildmasters, crime lords, merchant princes, nobles, and members of dragonmarked houses, among others, joined the secret society, and slowly it became more than a simple fraternity. Between the influx of new blood and the devastation of the Last War came a rush of new ideas, which resulted in a new sense of purpose for the cabal.

The Aurum hides its true activities from the world. It claims to be an innocent society for wealthy students of history; many of its members have impressive personal collections of rare historical tomes and relics of ancient civilizations. Many members of the Aurum truly are interested in the past, because they intend to shape the future.

The organization is divided into four levels, called concords—copper, silver, gold, and platinum. Higher rank provides a member with greater access to the resources of the Aurum and a greater voice in society meetings. Rank is based both on personal inf luence and services provided to the group. A powerful heir of a dragonmarked house joins the Gold Concord, while a minor guildmaster starts in the Copper Concord. In time, any member has the chance to advance to the Platinum Concord.

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The Aurum

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