In the aftermath of the last war, Breland still remains at risk. Foreign nations, cults, ancient conspiracies, hostile factions, and terrifying monsters wait to tear Breland asunder from Sharn to Vathirond. King Boranel must rely on the most skilled and secretive of his agents to protect Breland from these forces.

The King’s Dark Lanterns.

Spies, assassins, diplomats, adventurers, couriers, soldiers, investigators. The King’s Dark Lanterns go where others cannot and do the things that must be done to ensure the safety of Breland and her people. No matter what the cost.

Campaign Info

Dark Lantern’s Light is a 13th Age campaign in the Eberron setting following the adventures of a group of King’s Dark Lanterns as they hunt down threats to the Kingdom of Breland. They will uncover rogue agents, deal with morally grey questions, uncover conspiracies, and fight for their lives as well as those of their comrades and countrymen. It is played every other week using Roll20, beginning on March 25th, 2015, and will continue as long as it continues to be fun for everybody involved.

Here on the wiki you can find all of the house rules, custom content, setting information, and unique campaign elements that help make the campaign what it is. All sessions are recorded and uploaded to YouTube as well as the Obsidian Portal campaign log. For a more interactive experience, you can view the campaign sessions live. Just follow this Twitter account and keep an eye out at 8pm EST on Wednesday nights

Dark Lantern's Light

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